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Peacock Bass Luring at Choa Chu Kang

True blue peacock bass are seldom found these days. With the popularity of Temensis these days, the aggressive Peacock Bass has been displaced as the trophy fish. It's not that I didn't like this... but the Temensis were less aggressive pound for pound. And we were happy after finding a healthy patch of them during Toman hunting. When all else fails, of course we target Peacock Bass no matter their sizes... because nothing gets us going more than a good Peacock! Small orange crankbaits were the choice lures that the fishes were aggressively hitting. A pity though that Toman heavy tackle was used! Having a good time with these feisty critters One more! And again! Double hook up! Recognize these locations? Inspiration drawn from news that a Peacock Bass was caught in saltwater off lorong halus recently...