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Tuas Offshore Fishing with Wreckhunter

Looks can be deceiving. It has been almost two years since our last trip with Wreckhunter and we were all looking forward to get some chomek (squid). The thoughts of live chomek with maggi filled our heads as we prepared our night fishing tackle at RSYC. Fishing at RSYC brings back some memories as I have had many trips with the Singapore fishing charters here. Prepping our gears at RSYC (Republic of Singapore Yacht Club) Joining us on this trip was Sir Cain, the cousin of Emmanuel (who runs the Korean Fishing Guide Service as a business) so we were pretty stroked. We have seen Cain in action before and he is clearly a beast when it comes to "pumping" the fish up! The target of the day though chomek and frankly speaking, fishing was rather secondary. We scooped about 40 pieces of chomek at Tuas, ate 20 of them and set aside the rest for fishing. We told ourselves if the live bait runs out, we will just use "kelong sotong" or frozen sotong. After all, our stomachs a