Thursday, December 31, 2009

Back To The Basics For Peacock Bass

A trip with Mok was made and we decided to head out to a legal spot which housed a fairly good amount of Peacock Bass. The last few times we were there, they were there and took lures aggressively. However, this time we couldn't get them to bite although i missed one on my Pole rod. I was using Pole rod and sabiki just gliding the sabiki from side to side. After an unsuccessful stint, Mok N me were unsatisfied and proceeded to chill out first before going on to the next spot. I went home to get my rod and off we went.

First stop was the Haruan hole that i discovered a few days back. Upon casting a few rounds, i'm convinced i really spooked the Haruans and they have escaped through the drain into the reservoir. We went over to the other side of drain and as expected, they were there basking in the naked sun. Mok got itchy and made a few casts but misses were all he got. He ALMOST got one but on bringing it out of the water, it flew back. He ALMOST got his first fish on his new Gloomis rod. In fact, the Haruan broke his rod virgin but didn't pay and ran away.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I SPOOKED The Haruans!

After discovering the Haruan hole yesterday, i quickly got down to business this morning. I left my house early and reached the spot before first light. First few casts resulted in a hookup but the fella dived under the weeds and threw hook. How careless of me...

As the sun came up, i was aghast at the water level. It wasn't even half a meter! In fact, its only around ankle level. The place was brimming with Haruan and a few walking catfish. I got another Haruan which wanted to taste the Daiso mini pencil.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haruan Restaurant

I was due to fish with the same old friend this evening at a highly classified spot. We were to go for big pacu and kalui. While waiting for him to arrive, i explore the surrounding area and found a small water hole around the size of a basketball court. Best of all, there are no "no fishing" signs around so this place was perfectly legal.

The area was weedy and water conditions were excellent for one of my favourite fish... The Haruan! I love the haruan because of the take and the way it takes the lure. It is a much more accurate shooter than the toman and once it grab your frog/lure, it will most likely be a direct hit. I'm sure many experienced anglers will have found out this fact. Best of all, if it is chasing your lure, it will make alot of "waves" and "swirls" until it finally go "BOOOOM"... But but but the fight of the Haruan is only average compared to the Toman.

I casted out my pumpkin Scumfrog along the weedy area and wow... A take on the first cast! It was a small one and i landed it easily. After i took the hooks off, it somehow managed to escape by "crawling" on the grass fast enough that i couldn't catch it. No pictures for this one!

I changed to a mini popper later on and played the popper slowly along the weeds. The action was to create a small tail wave behind the popper. The action is quite similar to a way a Monitor Lizard swims. Keke... The Haruans went crazy over this and almost every cast was a hit... But those that were hitting are the small ones and i didn't hook up any until the bigger ones came out to play.

Angler's Pal Swivels/Technic Lures

There have been lots of smart and effective copying of the premium brands by less prestigious brands. While not all of them are sure hits, occasionally something good comes out of all this. The result being cheap and good stuff which the consumers can have access to.

I've passed by many "strange" and funny brands... So far, these are some items i would recommend.

Angler's Pal Swivel
Firstly is this type of "Rolling Swivel with Snap" Anglers Pal Swivels which i've used at Sibu Kelong and my recent freshwater bash. I use the 24lbs and 61lbs according to the type of fishing. I've not tested it at 24lbs but it would not be realistic in normal luring/general fishing to use up till 24lbs.


So far it didn't fail me yet if not i wouldn't be able to land my baktao or my Toman. If you need a general purpose swivel for luring or jigging baitfish, this will be an ideal cheap choice. Test the swivel by opening and closing it a few times before using if you want to make sure. Mass produced cheap swivels are not 100% uniform in quality in the whole batch.

I found this Swivel at Joe's Tackle or Sincere Tackle. Surprisingly, stocks are running out fast. The last time i went to Joe's, they only had 24lbs and 80lbs. Kekeke...

Technic River Dancer

Technic has been producing some cheap and good entry level stuff. It looks like they have been doing some hard work on learning from some of the major brands. On my recent trip to Sincere, i got myself the Technic River Dancer. I was attracted to it because of the EXTREMELY loud rattle it made. Every lurer will want to have a rattling vibe in his lure box but this Technic rattling lure was even louder than the Rapala Rattling. Kekeke...

I tested it today and the casting was not bad for a 16g lure. The action was good too but you need to do some tuning if it doesn't swim straight. If i'm not wrong they have a lighter version i think its 8g or 12g. They have some interesting colours including one colour which resemble a small kekek fish(purple patch on body with silvery tone). The 16g one is at $5.70 shelf price while the lighter one is at $5 shelf price.

I've yet to get any fish on this lure but the loud rattling noise will attract(or spook) many fishes... Hehe

Technic Squid Jig

I've got a few of these squid jigs at Deep Sea for only $1.70 and i've yet to land any squid on it but the action and casting is quite similar to a Yamashita Squid Jig. This is because of the very sharp head design(similar to Yamashita Egi Oh) that Technic has used on this squid jig. Colour wise is still pretty normal but they have very decent and distinct colours being Pink, Orange etc.

At Sibu, an Ah Lau was using this squid jig and he landed a few squids with it. He also got a big Baktao with it...

At $1.70, it's a steal and ideal for "suicide" missions.

Surecatch Squid Jig

This squid jig has hit our shelves quite some time back. I got some more yesterday. The price is even more affordable than the Technic Squid Jig and the design is awfully similar to the Yamashita. Colour Scheme, Body Design and Nose Shape all match the Yamashitas... Casting wise and sinking rate it's a little disappointing. But for Sibu missions, we normally attach sinkers so no problem on the sinking rate.

I'll be doing a writeup on another cheap squid jig soon... This was the jig that landed most of my squid at Sibu day or night... Hehe.

Until then, please leave some cheap and good stuff for me... Don't sapu everything.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Curing The Frogging Itch

After a bloody disastrous trip at Southern Island on Christmas Day, i was determined to fight the itch and get my Christmas fish. It so happens that an old kaki of mine happened to be free this few days so we arranged to go fishing. We were to go for big Peacock Bass at one of the old spot which we haven't been to for a long time.

Early in the morning, the plan was changed and we headed somewhere else. We walked fast up the hill and into the forest to bash into our spot. Upon arrival, i was amazed at how "pristine" the spot was. Not that there were no signs of netters but the terrain of the place was fantastic. There were lily pads among tall grass but the water condition was bad. It was very muddy and there were bubbles in the water.

While we were setting up, we already heard the big splashes being made outside. We split up to cover a bigger area and both of us fish silently until my friend had the first hit. It was a small Temensis. He was fishing hard at the more open area and casting his poppers and minnows. I concentrated on the weedy muddy and patchy area. According to my friend, the fishes here take the lures slowly and gently so it was best to work the lures slow.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sibu Kelong Eging Catch Report

The mothership must have had sent a distress call to her servants! Hotboys is under alien attack! Other than two that Jake's group got, our side landed a few spaceships too... But... It was a loooong loooong ride to Sibu alright.

Day 1
We had set out early at 0500 hrs since we had to be at Tanjung Leman Jetty at 0930 hrs. The mini van had arrived on time at the first pickup and proceeded on to the second pickup. That's when a minor blip occurred. The vehicle had not enough "Engine Oil" and was marooned at the second pickup. The driver went out to buy "Engine Oil" and after the slight delay, we were on our way to the causeway! We could still have breakfast and make it on time.

We got across the causeway without delay but... the van halted to a stop and couldn't start no more. This time, it looked to be much more serious than just "Engine Oil". Thankfully, the van was stranded just beside the petrol kiosk and the driver went to get the cure.

Waiting anxiously...

The driver with the cure!
BUT BUT... a few seconds later, it seemed that the cure wouldnt work and...

Sibu Kelong Eging Catch Report 2

Day 2
I woke up the next morning with a heavy heart wondering why i was on a kelong doing fishing but i fished anyway. There were Selars around but not as much as yesterday. The sun was out bright today and eging was back to its usual standards.

Monday, December 21, 2009

We're BACK!

We're back from Sibu! Caught more spaceships and squids! A SUPER HILARIOUS GIF to keep you guys laughing first... can't stop laughing myself!

It's a squid changing colour in the mini van!!! Ahhhh!

There's also a cookie monster in the van?!?!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reef Squid Egg Sacs at Ah Ngan's!

I have to feature this... It was really amazing when i chanced upon MFF and found out about Squid Egg Sacs being fished up. Of course, they were put back to grow bigger but it simply is wonderful discovery. In fact, i can feel the excitement here on my PC!

Visit MFF for more information!

Could it mean the squid spawning season has just passed? A 2.4kg baktao was landed at Ah Ngan's too. Baktao mania!

Meetup With Some Old Friends

Yesterday was a very nostalgic night for me as i met up with some old friends that i knew when i just started fishing regularly. Back then, we are known as the "Lorry Gang" because we used to go fishing with the lorry. Now, everyone and everything has changed but the old laughter and banter lives on. We had a good time exchanging stories, having a good laugh and we planned our next fishing trip too. It sure feels great to be together again with some good old friends.

After the kopi sesson, some of us went out for some light fishing. We visited some spots but we didnt catch anything. Weiyee and me decided to go for round 2 and 3. Round 2 we caught some Peacock bass... quite a hardcore spot to be... taking into account that we can't use our torches and were stumbling around in the dark on the rocky breakwater. Hehehe... We even bashed in the dark forest for quite some time and found a good spot near the zoo.

I caught a PB :) My first fish on hard lure for don't know how many months. hahahaha

Round 3 we went to a spot that i was scared to even step on during the day time. We tried for around 30 minutes only before giving up. During the walking towards the spot, i smelt the famous frangipiani scent but we just continue walking... In fact later while slowly crawling to the spot like bangla workers, i dropped inside a deep hole and i was shocked because i heard something moving below me. I was quite scared it was a snake but end up a few frog jump out and "reebeet" at me. Phew

Anyway, seems like most of the fish here are Toman... Somehow they are not active during the night and we do not know how to target them. I read in rod and line once how Malaysians target the toman at night with bait but we are not using bait. I tried hard lure, popper, rubber but they show no interest at all.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

KTM Resort Eging Catch Review

A last minute KTM Resort trip was on the cards and within a few days, it happened. This was the one thing i liked about KTM. Last minute trips were always possible.

It was another chance to test one of the latest batch of fast sinking Yamashita Natural colours. It was fairly effective at Sibu, but here, i will put it up against stiff competition. I will pit it with my trusty Yamashita Egi O Purple Pink.

The view...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Lifelong Souvenir

I just finished doing up my baktao shell for my baktao fishing memories. I used a few layers of 1/2 water 1/2 white glue solution. It looks pretty okay. My biggest baktao shell to date!



Will aim to break the record this coming Sibu trip... May the force be with me.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sibu Hotboys Kelong Trip Big Squid Eging Catch

The monsoon season has officially started... At least for us in Singapore, we are starting to feel the effects. From the usual Changi Offshore Fishing to just fishing at Bedok Jetty.


Thus, our yearly pilgrimage to the Sibu Kelongs has kicked off! With most of the region under attack from the monsoon, it is near impossible to go on offshore trips. It's a time to save up so that we can buy new babies but at the same time, cure the eging or seklar jigging itch... All this while relaxing on a Kelong!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Selling all my junk...

Its quite amazing what junk can hide in your house. From the moment every fisherman picks up fishing, he is bound to have junk building up as he buys stuff... Quite shocked to uncover so much hidden stuff... Clearing away... gotta get new cabinet. Hehe... Think i want to quit fishing also hard with so much junk to clear

Varivas Avani Casting PE 2.5/28lbs/200M NIB $30
Triumph FC Shockleader 60lbs 45M out of 50M left $35
Get Both at $60

Shimano Exage STC Travel rod 15-40g. 5pc rod with option for 8ft/9ft. 2 Guides damaged so have to replace. Comes with shimano rod tube. $30

MISC Items for sale...

A set of 7 gu kak or traditional "bull horn" rangong $8

3 very old rod stand $6

15 pcs Mix of various cheap leaders 30lbs/50lbs - bird ship, starfish etc $5

Portable screw on rod holder $10

Mustad long shank hooks(1/0 and 5/0 or 6/0) in a box around 90 pcs in one box - excellent for TP, assorted mustad long shank hooks size 1 in a ziplock and some anglers pal 100pcs tamban golden hooks suze 6

$10 fr all

Egi, Cheap Jigs and Lures

Impulse buying of cheap jigs that i saw...Jigs are in quite good condition if not NIB.

Left hand side are some "Shrimphunters". Top left in box are some "bakau" VERY LUMINOUS Squid jigs, bottom left in box exori shrimphunter and furry jig. Middle are some "savoy" squid jigs. They're actually more pinky then orange in the photo. I find these jigs have reasonable action. Throw in some squid hook caps too. Top right anglers pal "shrimphunter" with rattle. These anglers pal jigs are proven and are good copies. Bottom right some bakau cute big eye squid jigs in 3 colours. These squid jigs managed to hook me with the big red eyes,

Get all 23pcs at $25

Daiwa MD Mini Squids jig at 48 and 58MM. Colours pink and fluorescent yellow glow. Effective for stubborn small squids when offshore fishing.

$8 for both.

Top left Daiso vibe, 3 Hinomiya minnows effective for pb, bakau deep diver and johnson beetle spin.

All at $10

Top left white rabbit 80gms, rainbow GT Jack should be 60 or 40gm, Surecatch octopus jig lumo redhead should be 80gm, Hinomiya assorted jigs 80gm, Left hand side two ofmer frogs(seperate sales possible, the frog is more pink than orange), Bottom two alpine feather jig heads very effective if u diy urself for jigging.

All at $15

Take in bulk will have slight discount. Collect at Bukit Panjang only. mail me at or post a comment with ur no. to deal :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Score STILL Not Settled... A Windy Changi Trip

In my few years of Changi Offshores, i had only encountered the recently made famous "Giant Herring School", a few times. And to my frustration, i ALWAYS did not manage to land one. From the fish jumping off the boat and swimming away, to the usual throwing of hook and occasional bursts, i have always been disappointed.

I intended to settle the score today at Changi. I was fairly confident that they would appear today as the fishes have been showing up en masse at forums. A quick check was made with Ah Chong who said more than 10 landed last week everyday, 10 landed on Sunday and 7 landed yesterday! I was determined not to let the fish get away this time.

We were greeted by numerous fish scales scattered all over the boat. It didn't take a genius to guess what fish were the scales from! The Giant Herring will usually come out around late afternoon during a change of tide. The best current to fish them will be spring tides but today is already quite off the spring tide so they might come a little late as the tide change is very late.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wonder when we're going to see squid jigs like these on our shelves...

Was doing some research on the yamashita jig i lost... still wondering what model is it... stumbled across more squid jigs instead...

Picture taken from

Natural Colours

Ultra violet ray body

Lumo Skeleton

Monday, November 16, 2009

KTM Resort Family Trip Review

It's great that i finally managed to organise another family trip since all of us are so busy and we seldom go out together. The build up to the trip was filled with obstacles and the logistics were not easy since i had to cater to so many troublesome needs... But i guess it turned out well okay.

All 13 of us gathered at Harbourfront Centre early in the morning and checked in extremely early since i already collected the tickets beforehand. We even were too early and we weren't allowed to check in for another 10 minutes! But that aside, things went off pretty smoothly all the way till check in onto the resort itself.

KTM Resort... an ideal place for relaxation, a little leisure eging and of course to just binge out...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Giant Shovelnose Ray GAFFED Off Changi Waters

There was an article in the papers on the Shovelnose Ray being caught by a boatman off Changi recently. I happened to find these pictures at FK and thought i'd post them up for people who don't visit FK.


Don't really want to comment much on the act... Even the famous Ah Pong from Changi got involved in the act. Well, the fish doesn't look healthy anyway so i guess it wouldn't live on.

After giant groupers floating up, shovelnose rays swimmming at the surface and Dolphin pods coming into knee deep water, what's next? Dugongs floating? Yellow Fin Tunas coming into Singapore waters? Let's look out for the next episode...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pekan Pahang Trip Sailfish Videos!

These are the low resolution videos i uploaded yahoo videos...
Pekan Sailfishing Video

If the video is down you can content yourselves by watching youtube versions... but part 2 and part 3 the audio screwed up

Sailfishing Video Part 1 from YOUTUBE

Day 2 Parrotfish and Squid Pekan Video

Sailfish Expedition 09' - Pekan Pahang

I was on a boat trip with Clarence in August and the talk of sailfish suddenly came up. I had not caught a sailfish before and listened eagerly. Later upon knowing that i had not have a taste of Sailfish before, Clarence made my day when he told me he will organise a Sailfish trip so i can get a taste of the amazing gamefish...

The days came fast and furious with each passing day being more tormenting than the previous. The itch in my body was building up fast and it waited for nobody. I survived the days leading up to the trip by buying junk jigs and watching sailfish youtube videos.

16 October 2009 - The Drive Up
After chilling out with Alan and the gang, i went on to meet Clarence, Terence and Lenni. We were to drive up to Pekan with Clarence being our driver. Thankfully, there wasn't a big jam at the customs and we sped on to Pekan with speed. We finally arrived at Ricky's place at around 0430 hrs. We setup our gear and hit the sack for 2 hours of sleep.


Front Entrance

Ricky's Collection

17 October 2009 - Day 1: Sailfish Mission

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hmmmm... this is what i recently saw at Pekan seas... Bubus flooding the whole place like free. Even floating mobile drift nets. There was once during my trip that i found out what type of person my boatman is when he actually went to the mobile drift net and cut the net away from the mobile lights. Maybe it cannot solve the problem as the net will still drift away and entangle other fishes but it definitely showed the intention of my boatman he hates these people...




Sailfish being brought back by Malaysians. Anyway heard from my boatman that very soon there will be a strict $3000 fine per fish on boats that bring back sailfish...


Somehow i wonder if my brother can enjoy fishing like i do?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daiso Hologram Tapes

My Pekan trip is coming soon so i spent today preparing my items for the trip. I'll be targetting sailfish with bait and jigging for other fishes during my trip. I tied a few assist hooks using the simple method from acfishing.

Took my time today and even managed to find time to load PE 3 Varivas Avani jigging line into my new Daiwa Caldia Kix 3000. I realised something strange though because the Caldia Kix 3000 can take 200m of PE 3 line but i somehow only managed to get just nice 150m of line in although i respooled the line a few times.

Anyway, after that i notice my split ring plier is with ah girl so i did not manage to clip my split rings onto my jigs but i took out the Daiso Holographic and decoration tapes i bought the other day.

I decorated some of my jigs because the other side of it was quite plain looking. Those jigs which paintwork has fallen off i just pasted some tape and at least it was better than before. The tapes come in many colours and i guess it will not fall off so easily if you stick it nicely because it is quite sticky.

Here's my experiment for the trip... Kekeke...

Can't wait for next saturday. Im all prepared for eging too... Hehehe...

Actually i thought of the funny idea of bringing rubbers up to try... If i have time to go beach road i just might go get some rubbers to bounce there!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fishing Games - Pro Bass Fishing 2003

I got very bored one day so i searched around for fishing games and found a very interesting fishing game in 3D for PC. The game is created by Atari and Infogrames in 2003 and the title is Pro Bass Fishing 2003.

This game does not feature our fishing here in Singapore but its a good fix if you are feeling the itchy since fishing is generally the same all over the world. There are a few choices to fish at and fish species from monster catches will depend on the choice of the waters. There are around 20+ species to catch from and that is what i like about the game.

Each lure works differently and to target the fishes you want, you must try different approaches. Casting under logs and piers will also produce different results. Some fishes travel in schools while the big ones hang out under cover waiting to ambush your lure. How you fish really affects the game and the realistic gameplay is what i like the most.

There are also a good variety of lures(20 over) and even the topwater frog, poppers, minnows, jigs and spinner baits.

The rod and lines also come in several varieties, from light 10lbs tackle for agility to the heavy 25lbs rod and line to reel in bigger fish.

The controls are also easy to master. Use the arrow keys to move around and select a spot. Right click to target a spot and left click to cast your lure.

While underwater, a left click will slowly reel in the line and right-clicking immediately retrieves your lure.

You can use the mouse to "jig" the lure by pushing it up and down or left and right in the hope of drawing the fish's attention. This is also another feature which i like because most crude fishing games just use the reeling in but here you have an option to jig which is quite a cute feature.

One of the better fishing games in the market, Bass Pro Fishing 2003 is something you can use to cure the itch if the rot is here.

Here's a video to have a feel!

If anyone that knows me wants the game, just email me i can pass it to you(make sure your PC can play it first). :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Post Earthquake Offshore Bashing

The build up to the trip was all good and all guns blazing for us although there were tsunamis and earthquakes happening all around us. In addition, the recent consistent drizzles and showers were a constant thought on our excited minds. I had been on offshore trips right after earthquakes before so i knew this trip was going to be a excellent or disastrous trip.

In such a situation there can be two possible scenarios. The first and most likely will be that the fishes in our area will be timid and stay off the hunt for awhile. It's not difficult to picture this since tremors could be felt all the way here even in Singapore. Of course, we hoped this would not be the case. There were already a few signs that the earthquake could be causing some disturbances to fishing.

The first being Jerome's Southern trip right before the earthquake. They ended up with two small fishes and no reason to why there were not many fishes although the water conditions were somewhat beautiful that day. The other victim was Clarence whose Tuas offshore trip the day after the earthquake was marred when they got only 2 fishes. His boatman called it a disaster and probably the worse catch he has ever had... And knowing that boatman, i dare say he does not have a big mouth.

Another less possible scenario would be that the surrounding fishes near the affected earthquake regions would "migrate" to our waters. There is startling evidence among the archives to prove this. The first of which will be popular among many offshore go-ers here. What is it? The Threadfin Bonanza after the tsunami in Phuket...

Many will recall the nights when the threadfins appear out of nowhere after the earthquake. Many will remember hauling up the threadfins by the dozens in those days. Sadly, they are now probably gone. The wharves, rigs and structures that our Southern shores have to offer probably tempted the threadfins to come here. At the same time of the threadfin bonanza, there were also reports of threadfins being hauled up by the hundreds by netters over at east coast. And who will ever forget the netters at Changi who managed to haul up hundreds of Spanish Macks(Tengirri) off Johore Shoals?

Okay enough about history. I'll get down to business already...

New on this trip were Weiyee. I really hoped both of them could get something nice tonight since both haven't been fishing recently.

Abang's boat.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

12 September 2009 Return To Ang Chor Cave

Joined the gang for another hardcore bashing time at Southern Islands. We reached Botak Hill to catch our live squids as usual but there werent many squids today. However, the squids were very good size... They are the one shot one kill type of squids. I tested out my Daiwa MD Mini squid jigs and caught a few small arrowhead... kekeke...

After we caught around 20 squid, we set off for the bashing around midnight. We decided to keep half of the squids for morning because the current will pick up during daybreak. The boatman told us that will be the best timing tonight. Hehehe...

During the trip we are always talking about the 30kg Cobia that ran away and we wondered if there would be any Cobia this time round... We are not really sure and after some time we reached the first spot.

I took a live squid and baited it down. Current was not strong and size 16 was able to hold. Reeling up quite a few cranks from the bottom because i was using a long leader around 2 siam, i made sure i had my bait where i wanted it... Just a little off the bottom to seduce the Ang Cho. Within 3 minutes, i got a bite and i proceeded to strike the fish after it nibbled away.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Baktao.blogspot is reaching 10k Unique Visitors!

Thanks to all my lovable readers... baktao.blogspot is finally reaching 10k unique ip(1 hit per ip) visitors... Cheers!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Claypot Ang Cho Fish Head

On a recent Southern Island Trip, i caught some Ang Cho...

I brought back my Ang Cho from this trip and on Saturday, i cut up the Ang Cho and didnt know what to do with it. The fish was too big and would not taste so good if we steamed it. In the end, we decided to go for claypot fish head... kekeke...

These are the main ingredients used... I forgot to take picture of the prawn, flour and egg yolk plus the other seasonings...


Ang Cho Head and some slices

Slightly fry the ang cho first... but do not fry it until no juice left

Fry all the ingredients properly and add the ang cho in to boil with it... Kekeke

After you feel the fried ang cho have soaked up all the juices and become tender, you can stop cooking it...Hehe.. yum yum...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Got A NEW Reel

I finally made up my mind to get another Daiwa Caldia Kix... This time its a size 3000. I'm broke until payday during which i will be finding some line to put into my reel. I'm looking for PE 3 - 200M... The reel will be my light jigging reel from now on.

Anyway, i bought some mini squid jigs to use during offshore trips as my boatman don't believe that the small arrowheads will take squid jigs so i must try and show him... I like the green. It's very very striking...

It's a mini squid jig from Daiwa. On the box its written MD. The number stand for size. I got the size 48 and 58. I will be testing them out on my boat trips... Jigging for small squids for a change. Kekeke...



Sunday, August 30, 2009

29 August 2009 Southern Island Trip

Actually, its quite lucky for me that i went on this trip as Ah Don could not make it for this trip so my dear friend Clarence called me and i took over the slot. It was yet another Southern Island trip. I told myself to give the place one last chance and well after this trip i think i havent gave up on it yet.

We reached RSYC at 1830hrs but boatman was abit late so we wait for him. He was a young malay boatman who is quite young and very friendly. He even offered us his food. Anyway, when we got to the boat i was like oh my god because it was like abit longer than a sampan only and although there is some shelter, i thought we were in for a rocky time.

BUT BUT BUT... somehow, when we board the boat, the boat wasnt like that all the time. The very stable and low design(the boat was not very high up) plus the rectangular design made the boat rock very little... It was super stable... hehe...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Big Cat Arrives...

It's been a long time since i met my secondary school friends so after some arranging with them, i decided to bring them and experience what its like to fish a big fish. Before last night, they just thought once you hook the fish up, you can just reel it in fast... Haha...

We reached there around 5pm...I brought 3kg of the secret bait and during the first few casts there was already a big take but i could not set the hook... Later on, the action died down not even a single sound so i decided to change bait to some discarded small rotten fish tail that was left on the floor and just drop it nearby beside the wall...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Tackle Shop - Kaiser Pro Shop

There is a new tackle shop at Golden Landmark known as Kaiser Pro... As reported by AC, please visit his blog for more information

Click Heres for AC's Post

Or you can refer to the tackle shop's website by clicking HERE

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Intro Friends To Eging

One night, i brought some newbie friends along who never fish at all to try for some squid. We went to a very old spot which i never been there for a long time. I dont know how is the situation there at all but looks like the squids are not coming in.



Eggwan - He caught his squid will just jigging up and down...Kekeke

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cheapo China Made Rubber

Alan asked me what rubber i was using at FW 3 and this is a picture of it. I have lost the packaging and forgotten what brand it is... Last time me and ag went to Joe's Tackle and we got this rubber. It is on offer dont know how many for quite a cheap price so i got some.


The action is not bad and i like the colour too... I notice my takes by the patins and cat is AFTER i bounce near the mound of rubbish inside FW 3 pond. In FW 3, by bouncing and constant casting, i found out the centre of the pond is super dirty and probably contains alot of rubbish like leaves, plastic all that.... So i will let my rubber sink all the way down and keep messing up the dirt... Most of the time the Patin will tap at the rubber before it goes off with it...

I don't have an underwater camera so i dont know but my guess is that the Patin will be attracted to the lure since it is messing up so much rubbish... The rubbish being disturbed also attracts surrounding fish...

Hmmm... funny theory i know... yet to be proven.