Saturday, October 18, 2008

Threadfin Salmon Changi Offshore with Ah Long

29 March 2008

Today was a very heng heng trip as Kaix could not make it for the trip and i snapped it up. Activated the usual kakis but some unable to make it... But some could and joining us first time were DesT, Madfish, Nimo and Nimo JR! They added a whole new dimension to Changi Offshore! Fishing with long rods and floats for Queens/Todaks and Nimo actually hit one 0.0

Off to fishing!

Small nibbles filled the first part of the day but when we drifted near this breakwater dropoff, all of a sudden, feeding frenzy 0.0 . Almost everyone were getting bites. Vinyeo landed a Deep Sea Kim... After that Ah Long Strike a fish nibbling at his prawn... He thought it was a small fish but when fight halfway suddenly chut suah one 0.0. He ask me dive down to get his net...bahahaha... So i netted it up for him after kan chiong moments! Walao damn big Parrotfish for Changi size. I landed a smally grouper too!

Biggy Changi Parrot For Ah Long

Then Nimo JR aka Mr Richard had a strong pull! Wah! He also shocked and pump the fish up but when almost reach the surface, it got away! Suspected big Ang Cho by the gurus. Hmmmm.... That made Nimo JR all excited and he later landed a decent gao. Later, after commotion at the back i saw Madfisho fishhandling a Threadfin! Wahlao it came up surface liao yet he never give any sound.... When Ah Long got over he got a shock.

"Wahlao Ngo Heur le bo chut sia! Ka Kin gia net!"


After Nimo Jr landed another fish... He asked his still zerofighter dad... "Daddy wheres ur fish?".

Walao i swear they both kelong one. A few minutes after he said that...Wahlao Nimo kenna ZZzzzZZzzt! Pull up a threadfin of similar size to Madfish's Threadfin! Wahlao KELONG ESCAPE ONE LAH. Wahaha...

After all that, we went to CNB area to try for Chermin and i swear its kelong. Only Nimo got bite for entire period there! Queenfish was fished up by nimo and it seemed funny because DesT and Nimo tried the whole day to get Queens on surface action...A Todak also was landed by Nimo at the back of the boat with float. Made Ah Long kan chiong...Ah long even went to get the net as he thought it was a Chermin...Wahaha!

DesT got a brief encounter with a Giant Herring which gave him very SMALL NIbbles...Wahaha....Until the fish take off, it tangled with Necros and DesT's line until it escaped! I think madfish got ecounter with Giant Herring too but it got away before the hook set in. caught a small ray too but thats almost everything.

Last spot nothing much few small fishes..DesT broke his egg there with a leng chiam...hehehe... Necro got an Ang Chor with the LAST CAST. wahaha....

Total catch!

OH ya btw i made a big hole in my shorts when i was squatting down...Wahlao eh!

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