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Changi Offshore Fishing with Ah Fong: Using Octopus Big Bait for Grouper

In the past, we would always use live prawns for Changi Offshore Fishing as table sized fish like groupers and snappers were abundant. It was the "default bait". But things are different now as the fish stocks have went down and you can't get the quantity that you used to. However, you may still get quality or size if you persist and that is what we tried during this trip – by using big octopus baits! Live octopus were used by old timers in the past for big fish but was not so readily available then. With social media and the live bait delivery network, things are different now and you are usually able to get octopus baits easily. The octopus baits we used today are not that big but are around medium size with length around 5 to 7 inch size. There are smaller ones below 5 inch and bigger ones above 8 inches too.  This greedy red snapper took octopus bait! Some notes... Octopus baits are CHEAP because they last very long. You can land multiple fish with it and still contin