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Changi Ah Fong: Zenaq Ikari 64-5 and Island Angler's Giant Rubber

Nice malabar grouper on Island Angler Giant Rubber We had yet another Changi Offshore with Ah Fong and this time I had some admins from Singapore Fishing Telegram  joining in. It was quite a short trip since the current guidelines stipulated that we could only fish for 4 hours. This led us to coining the term "Changi Pro Fishing Pond" since Pro Ponds usually is for 3 to 4 hours fishing. We fished the upcoming tide on this afternoon trip and just two observations. Was a good day out! Decent CR Big snapper! Giant rubbers continue to work but luck is important... Lucky boy Yifan caught a decent malabar grouper on this trip. Interestingly, the colouration was quite yellow and there could be a good chance it was a released fish. Nevertheless, it still was greedy enough to gobble up a giant rubber lure by Island Angler that was hooked onto a tenya by Yifan. The hook was too small though and luckily the fish got hooked by the assist hook. No surprise that giant rubbers worked... Zen

Fishing at Orto Fishing Paradise with the "Sometimes Machiam Expert"

Torpedo Rohu Fishing in Singapore has been seriously boring and dull due to the pandemic. We aren't allowed to go overseas and there has been the constant pivoting to arrange local offshore fishing trips amidst safe distancing restrictions.  I mean it's so boring that I even found time to try out Orto Fishing Paradise with Ah Du a.k.a Sharkbait a.k.a "Sometimes Machiam Expert". Did I enjoy myself? Yes... I think so. I learned quite a bit of new techniques and insights although the pond being a catch and release one was a minus for me. (Sorry, I'm now a fully fledged baiting unker) What I did learn though was... Big baits work! Especially the resident lampans... Big baits work for the Chao Phraya Catfish (CPC) at Orto. I think these fish are even more bored than us but will definitely chomp on big baits. Maybe it's also them being aggressive but since Orto is filled with lampans, it is only natural that it would be an awesome bait for the catfish. Use small bai

Changi Offshore (Ah Fong Fishin) with Matt, Biao and Lawrence

Yet another 4 hour Changi Offshore with Ah Fong but this time with our number 1 sifu Matt a.k.a Ah Bao. Not a bad day as we caught some fish for the table! Fish were biting hard when the tide was switched. Good 4 hour haul With our sifu Matt Fish took an interesting jig... Interesting indeed... For Ah Fong's contact:

Changi Offshore Fishing with Ah Fong: Using Octopus Big Bait for Grouper

In the past, we would always use live prawns for Changi Offshore Fishing as table sized fish like groupers and snappers were abundant. It was the "default bait". But things are different now as the fish stocks have went down and you can't get the quantity that you used to. However, you may still get quality or size if you persist and that is what we tried during this trip – by using big octopus baits! Live octopus were used by old timers in the past for big fish but was not so readily available then. With social media and the live bait delivery network, things are different now and you are usually able to get octopus baits easily. The octopus baits we used today are not that big but are around medium size with length around 5 to 7 inch size. There are smaller ones below 5 inch and bigger ones above 8 inches too.  This greedy red snapper took octopus bait! Some notes... Octopus baits are CHEAP because they last very long. You can land multiple fish with it and still contin