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Fishing with Sam Law Penjuru 2020 (Update/Archive)

Beautiful coral trouts and fingermark snappers. Two of my fishing idols. Matt and Biao. Good time with usual kakis. Beautiful coral trout by Boon. His first local one. Law with his usual ang gao luck! So smirky :p It's been awhile since we went fishing from Sam Law and he is still as sharp as ever! Two trips with him yielded much food for the table for us with big tusk fish and coral trouts taking home all the glory. I always believe that if you want to "judge" or see if a particular fishing captain knows his stuff, always look at how he does bottom fishing.  Red and green fish are more valuable than pelagics like sagai. Best of all? Sam doesn't need to go to Raffles Lighthouse to get good fish and recently told me "if you want me to bring you catch sagai, I will cancel your booking". What a captain. Go green or red or go home! Sam Law's contact can be found at

Fishing with Jeff Tsen, Prince of Peace Boat November 2020

Fishing after the circuit breaker was awesome. It seemed that everywhere we went, we would have good catches. All good things come to an end though and the fishing in the past few months has been dreary. The bad and unpredictable weather made it worse. So today really put a smile in my heart since everyone managed to get some fun even though it was mostly escapee fish that we caught. These fish really were strong and healthy! Strong and healthy was good because there are growing rumours of one of the fish farms "dumping all their sick fish". That particular farm has all its nets raised and has totally no fish left. And you wonder why boats go there everyday to fish... sick fish. Some tips for catching escapee/farmed fish: Bouncing your rig around and searching for them helps. Cast out and comb the area for them. Some of the fish tap on the bait lightly and some of them eat the bait and stay put. Sensitivity is key here. Set the hook well. "Dead" bait like tamban and

Singapore Fishing Charter Question and Answers

Quite a bit of Emails regarding this blog post . Put some of my replies here in case more folks read this. Q: The mentioned fishing charters are fully booked. Do you have any more recommendations? A: I don't have any more recommendations because I only put down charters which I have fished before or fished regularly at. Try to book early in advance. Q: There are many charter companies out there when I Google, is it a must to take a trip with them? A: No, it is not. These charter companies usually charge a higher fee but they make up for it in things like service and they may include fishing guides (note that they usually don't pay their share). You can go straight to the charter captains to arrange a trip directly. Q: Are there any seasons to book the fishing charters? Any monsoon? A: Charters are all year round in Singapore because our monsoon is mild and there are plenty of inshore options. There used to be predictable seasons for certain fishes but these days due to climate