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Inflatable Boat and Kayak Fishing 13 January 2013

Here's a little post about some Inflatable boat fishing with Shawn's Kairos and Kiat yet again with his Hobie... As usual, we set off from our usual grounds early with our usual routine being Yishun's Sincere Tackle Live prawns being our first stop in the morning. Sincere Tackle is a great convenient tackle store if you're looking to stock up on accessories or baits early in the morning! The fact that they open at 6am on weekends is a great convenience for kayak or self boat fishing kakis like myself. An early day! Was this our secret spot? Anyway, it was now proven from a few outings that Chermins respond to the downgoing tides extremely well and during incoming tides, it was the grunter or guhood that was more prominent. That was the case today as I had a good grunter in the morning drifting the drop offs. A good sized grunter! Tide settled and kiat got a stargazer aka kuku fish!  As the tide slowly settled, the sites stopped too and we continued working

Evolution of

Dear all, Apologies I haven't been blogging often this few weeks on my fishing trips. I have been on vacation these two weeks. Well this post is just to inform my readers that I will be sharing about lifestyle and travel on my blog in the future. For example, blogging about my recent Bangkok trip. This is because I feel I would be able to connect to many other readers out there and of course, if the blog is all about fishing, the passion can get a little stagnant. Cheers! Nigel