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Singapore Prawning Pond Locations (updated 5 February 2024)

Prawning rates are usually $30 to $40+ per 3 hrs and the only difference for some operators is whether they allow you to store your hours, split the 3 hrs into 2 rods. Promotions are available for many operators so have a look at their Facebook page or website. It's best to do your research on where has the most prawns and promotions for the period you are going at. Prawning pond operators, do contact me to update your listings here. Happy to update new information to help our fishing kakis. I will update accordingly. Many thanks. For Fishing Pond Locations,  Click Here .  For a basic introduction into Prawning, Click  Here. Below venues listed according to location. Olden Days Prawning Address: 10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813 Website: Tel: 8756 4984 Opening hours: Daily, 24 hours Type of fishing: Big Head Freshwater Prawn/Udang Galah ATC Fishing Village (formerly Jurong Hill Prawning) Address: 241, Jalan Ahm