Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fishing with Ah Fong

12 April 2008
Ah Pong's Boat

Mr Pong

After looking at Nimo's Cherminastic CR, i was feeling pretty excited about visiting Ah Pong's boat for an offshore but okay lah not everyday Sunday but still enjoyed myself and chatted alot with Mr Pong.

Chiong Ah!

My Brother Fishing

Live Prawns We Use

The weather was crazy today. When we started fishing, it was blazing hot. It was hard to fish at HCL... All the big ship moving around and very hard to fish cuz must upz line so much. No suprise here...No fish landed at HCL. Water was very calm at HCL area...Almost like a lagoon. I saw a few queenies jumping too.

Calm Calm

After that big big thunderstorm+wind force us to move inside Tie Pai. Inside Tie Pai worse... The winds forced alot of dirty muddy water inside and blew the mud from the bottom everywhere! We were like fishing in Teh Tarik water.

Teh Tarik water? Got fish bo?

But somehow we managed Two Ang Chor... After that caught one hell of a Flathead. Its quite fat and big! The weather worsen and the water really beh tahan...No bite for 30mins. I was like..." Alamak..Coral and Rock so much but water so dirty no fish biting ah!"... So i just bo hiu my rod and continue daydreaming. Who knows... "ZzzzZZzt! Wahlao Rod bend and chut suah... Slowly play and pump the bugger. Yet another Chermin for me! Song Bo!


After that quiet liao. Storm went away and weather became super hot again. We managed a few Ang Chor too and after that my dad caught one Chermin with handline...

Sometime in the trip, Mr Pong remarked he thought he saw something fly into the water but dont know what... and asked whether i saw it... I didnt leh... So i just bo hiu... After the trip then i know what flew into the water. U guess?


Drifted around the "Secret Spot" and my dad had a strong pull which pull his handline right down. He reacted too slow and didnt release line resulting in the leader bursting! 40lbs leader bursting like paper! What fish was this?

Anyway at last spot, we were hoping for Guhoots to come but wahliao we encounter super big Gelama... All pregnant one...Wahlao eh.... Siao eh...

Anyway not a good trip but still enjoyed myself... Got Chermin come knock on my door... Ha Ha Ha...

The total catch

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