Fishing Games - Pro Bass Fishing 2003

I got very bored one day so i searched around for fishing games and found a very interesting fishing game in 3D for PC. The game is created by Atari and Infogrames in 2003 and the title is Pro Bass Fishing 2003.

This game does not feature our fishing here in Singapore but its a good fix if you are feeling the itchy since fishing is generally the same all over the world. There are a few choices to fish at and fish species from monster catches will depend on the choice of the waters. There are around 20+ species to catch from and that is what i like about the game.

Each lure works differently and to target the fishes you want, you must try different approaches. Casting under logs and piers will also produce different results. Some fishes travel in schools while the big ones hang out under cover waiting to ambush your lure. How you fish really affects the game and the realistic gameplay is what i like the most.

There are also a good variety of lures(20 over) and even the topwater frog, poppers, minnows, jigs and spinner baits.

The rod and lines also come in several varieties, from light 10lbs tackle for agility to the heavy 25lbs rod and line to reel in bigger fish.

The controls are also easy to master. Use the arrow keys to move around and select a spot. Right click to target a spot and left click to cast your lure.

While underwater, a left click will slowly reel in the line and right-clicking immediately retrieves your lure.

You can use the mouse to "jig" the lure by pushing it up and down or left and right in the hope of drawing the fish's attention. This is also another feature which i like because most crude fishing games just use the reeling in but here you have an option to jig which is quite a cute feature.

One of the better fishing games in the market, Bass Pro Fishing 2003 is something you can use to cure the itch if the rot is here.

Here's a video to have a feel!

If anyone that knows me wants the game, just email me i can pass it to you(make sure your PC can play it first). :)


Nigel said…
ok i burn for u .. np.. u got hard disc or thumbdrive even better. lol
Alan chan said…
i WAN I WAN! hahahaha
Mathew said…
I want as well!!! Does it work on Visit?? or only XP.. Best part can play online together?? LOL..

I remembered long ago one of the first bass fishing game via Sierra could enable online gaming together.. that was real fun :)
Nigel said…
hmmm havent really tried playing it yet... im running it on vista now but it should run on xp..heheh... torrented it at =x

Mathew i remember that game... I THINK i still have it in CD form somewhere... remember aiming the ridiculous huge catfishes in the
Unknown said…
anyway im also playing rapala pro fishing now..hehehe... be bringing down the games to beach road in my thumbdrive and some cd. :D
Anonymous said…
nice blog.. liked it very much....can someone give me some other related blog address..???ne ways appreciated..!!!
how to take care of koi fish
i'm still playing rapala pro fishing now..hehehe

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