Luring snakehead fishing with Scumfrog

After a bloody disastrous trip at Southern Island on Christmas Day, i was determined to fight the itch and get my Christmas fish. It so happens that an old kaki of mine happened to be free this few days so we arranged to go fishing. We were to go for big Peacock Bass at one of the old spot which we haven't been to for a long time.

Early in the morning, the plan was changed and we headed somewhere else. We walked fast up the hill and into the forest to bash into our spot. Upon arrival, i was amazed at how "pristine" the spot was. Not that there were no signs of netters but the terrain of the place was fantastic. There were lily pads among tall grass but the water condition was bad. It was very muddy and there were bubbles in the water.

While we were setting up, we already heard the big splashes being made outside. We split up to cover a bigger area and both of us fish silently until my friend had the first hit. It was a small Temensis. He was fishing hard at the more open area and casting his poppers and minnows. I concentrated on the weedy muddy and patchy area. According to my friend, the fishes here take the lures slowly and gently so it was best to work the lures slow.

I was using the Scumfrog Pumpkin which AG got her Toman last time. I was trying everything and was working the frog slowly in between two stretch of long grass. I had my drag tightened to the max here so once i hook the fish, it will be me or the fish. No line can be given to the fish as it turn left or right into the weeds and that will be the end.  I was appreciating the scenery and had my frog pausing on top of a water lily pad when....


I saw the fish head came up slowly and crash down on my frog. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time already. The last time i had this take was at the Bottle Tree Toman pond. My rod was already in the horizontal position so i gave a few quick sets and by now the fish was running. Oh oh... Line was going out on max drag. I jammed the spool with my hand and held onto the rod. The fish was powerful and i could feel the violent head thrash of the fish trying to dive into the weeds.

After an anxious few seconds, the fish gave up and swam towards me. I reeled in but the fish dashed back to the weedy area to make another attempt. This time, it was tired and i just pumped it out of the "Danger" Zone. Once the fish was out in the open, i went easy on the drag and played the fish until it was exhausted.

The fish was landed and after a great fight, i was posing with it... Hehehe... Simply not easy to control a powerful Toman in such a small area. Now i know why those Japanese pro snake head hunter uses such powerful rods. Kekeke...

The Scumfrog does it again... Apparently, this colour has some affinity with Toman

After that, my friend landed another Temensis but i continued fishing and did not went over to see. He was using a Flamehead Hydrotiger Popper next and i looked over curiously. He was popping and was about to get his popper out of the water when there was a big ripple behind his popper. His popper went under a ferocious take and the fish veered away in the other direction. It made a few big leaps and by the time my friend landed the fish, i was over there helping him take some photos. It was another Temensis... This time a sizable one.

Taken on Hydrotiger

The sun was out soon and the wind was blowing after that. For Freshwater fishing, we normally hate the wind as we feel it spoils the fishing. Not only will we be able to spot less fish boils, its somehow less effective for luring. We landed a few more Peacock Bass before making the long way out.

Here's one that i landed on a pink rubber that Xris passed to me last time... Kekeke...

All fishes were released to fight(or to be leng-ed) another day.


woooo..great catch bro!bravo!
Anonymous said…
You have to express more your opinion to attract more readers, because just a video or plain text without any personal approach is not that valuable. But it is just form my point of view

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