Giant Chao Phraya Catfish at FW3

It's been a long time since i met my secondary school friends so after some arranging with them, i decided to bring them and experience what its like to fish a big fish. Before last night, they just thought once you hook the fish up, you can just reel it in fast... Haha...

We reached there around 5pm...I brought 3kg of the secret bait and during the first few casts there was already a big take but i could not set the hook... Later on, the action died down not even a single sound so i decided to change bait to some discarded small rotten fish tail that was left on the floor and just drop it nearby beside the wall...

After 10 minutes, the whole rod just bent fully and reel was screaming. I jump up and strike the fish but it kept running. I passed the rod to one of my friend but he fought the fish quite strangely and keep on jerking the rod like what Vin always do last time. He jerk the rod until the the fish jump up and down a few times. LOL! It was a monster pacu but it kept being forced out of the water by the jerks. Hehe... I asked my friend not to jerk but it was too late. One more jerk and the pacu fly out of the water with the hook coming out. Hahahaha... Everyone opposite and near us got a big shock.

So anyhows, i used the secret bait already since it was almost sunset and time to hunt the big cat... Mark came over and i hooked a only 4 pieces of the secret bait. Mark helped me cast out and right after casting we can see the line moving...

The line was moving to the right... and the rod tip was not even twitching because the line was slack now. It kept moving to the right and swim inwards. I took up the rod and prepared to strike. Perhaps it was a small fish.

I waited abit more... It reminded me of baiting for Toman. When the line was taut, i gave a very big strike, intending to give the so called small fish a shock of its life but instead i got the shock of my life. My reel was at 3/4 drag and the fish simply take off without me... It was super powerful and super heavy... After the first 5 minutes over, everyone know what it is... its the 30kg cat!

This fish was smart and kept running to the little snags that the pond has to offer. It ran all over and at every snag i had to pray hard and use abit more drag. Eventually after 35 minutes, the fish was landed and oh my god... It really is the 30kg cat... We had a hard time getting the fish onto the landing mat. Two of the bangla workers plus me and mark lifted it. But then the photo was another problem as the angle is super strange. After a quick photo, we quickly released back the fish as it looked quite dead already. Only when the fish released, we realised the photos show only the fish head. Wahahaha...

After that big fight, i think i sprained my wrist a little so its time for me to rest already and i left the fighting fish to my two friends. We hooked quite a number of fish but dropped some fishes because they were quite new in fighting fishes. We caught 3 baby CPCs, 1 Kim on my fav rubber, 2 Patins throughout the night...

Anyway, tonight i will be going for some Southern Offshore with my friend and his private contact. The past catches are not very bad with lots of ang cho but this few days have been raining like mad so really must rely on luck for tonight catch... wish me luck. 


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