Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sibu Kelong Eging Catch Report 18 Dec 2009 Part 2

Day 2
I woke up the next morning with a heavy heart wondering why i was on a kelong doing fishing but i fished anyway. There were Selars around but not as much as yesterday. The sun was out bright today and eging was back to its usual standards.

Around mid day, it was time to cut up the spaceships and squids for our oatmeal squid prepared by the chef.


After cutting them up, we did eging again and got rewarded for our efforts...

Oatmeal Squid 4 Dinner!

It was sunny during the day and we were extremely optimistic about the green eyes returning this night but it rained again after dinner. Hopefully, it wouldn't be so bad... Well well... We were rewarded yet again after dinner. A Spaceship took my jig but i lost it... Julian was the one that hooked the spaceship right after I lost it.

Big house build small house... Baktao the 3rd!

After that, me and momok went to sleep only to wake up at 0530 hrs for some eging. Results were good and more squids were added to the tally...

On a sidenote, a Queen was landed by an ah lao using noodle rod spinning dead tamban. He was aiming for Saitoh but seemes like he got lucky.

Some Night Shots by momok

Day 3
The next day day proceeded on as usual with sunny weather. We helped an Ah Lao gaff his baktao up. He was using a Technic Squid Jig from Deep Sea.

It was during this time that I saw the rod of a malay caster take a good dip. I rushed to the rod as there was no one around. After setting the hook, the fish was going towards the kelong at full speed. I had no choice but to tighten the drag and pump for dear life. It was nearing the kelong just after a few seconds and i got ready to jam the spool. Alas! The leader broke off abruptly and the fish got away! Suspected ray or Golden T? Hmmm...

Sim Knocked out

Our total squid caught!

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