Luring for Peacock Bass and Tilapia

Yesterday was a very nostalgic night for me as i met up with some old friends that i knew when i just started fishing regularly. Back then, we are known as the "Lorry Gang" because we used to go fishing with the lorry. Now, everyone and everything has changed but the old laughter and banter lives on. We had a good time exchanging stories, having a good laugh and we planned our next fishing trip too. It sure feels great to be together again with some good old friends.

After the kopi sesson, some of us went out for some light fishing. We visited some spots but we didnt catch anything. Weiyee and me decided to go for round 2 and 3. Round 2 we caught some Peacock bass... quite a hardcore spot to be... taking into account that we can't use our torches and were stumbling around in the dark on the rocky breakwater. Hehehe... We even bashed in the dark forest for quite some time and found a good spot near the zoo.

I caught a PB :) My first fish on hard lure for don't know how many months. hahahaha

Round 3 we went to a spot that i was scared to even step on during the day time. We tried for around 30 minutes only before giving up. During the walking towards the spot, I smelt the famous frangipiani scent but we just continue walking... In fact later while slowly crawling to the spot like bangla workers, I dropped inside a deep hole and i was shocked because i heard something moving below me. I was quite scared it was a snake but end up a few frog jump out and "reebeet" at me. Phew

Anyway, seems like most of the fish here are Toman... Somehow they are not active during the night and we do not know how to target them. I read in rod and line once how Malaysians target the toman at night with bait but we are not using bait. I tried hard lure, popper, rubber but they show no interest at all.

The spot was quite deep and i was using a diving minnow. During night luring, the key was always to use slow crank and it works for me. The fishes are near to the banks and if the place is rocky, casting parallel to the shore will give you a good chance of hooking up a fish. I cast out and reeled in slowly...

When the fish did come, there was no tap or small bite. It was just take and go... It was a great first burst from the fish after it took my lure. I did not even need to strike as the fish auto hooked itself. After the first burst, it was cutting the water to my left like a torpedo... i struggled to maintain line tension and reeled in furiously. The bass rise was getting bullied this time...

A sebbie? A Peacock Bass? After the first burst and run...It was quite disappointing because i just reeled the thing in because it was exhausted.

Silver flashes in the water prompted me... A temensis? Huh?! As it got closer and i landed it...


It was a huge tilapia... In fact this species of tilapia is commonly referred to as the Golden Phoenix aka 凤凰. It was around 3lbs on the boga. Probably my biggest tilapia to date. Very powerful fish but no stamina...

The big disgusting fish...

That was all for the night because we gave up as nothing much and we are damn tired already. Finally left the spot and passed by the "Frangipiani" area while we are walking out. We will be back for more when we are free or learn the trick of fishing at that place.


Nigel said…
ok only lor. waiting for u to bring me luring

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