KTM Resort Eging Fishing Catch Report

A last minute KTM Resort trip was on the cards and within a few days, it happened. This was the one thing I liked about KTM. Last minute trips were always possible.

It was another chance to test one of the latest batch of fast sinking Yamashita Natural colours. It was fairly effective at Sibu, but here, i will put it up against stiff competition. I will pit it with my trusty Yamashita Egi O Purple Pink.

The view...

The weather was ideal when we arrived... The waters were a pristine blue with slight wind. The water levels were extremely high. I knew that it was spring tide with high levels of water but then again, it was a completely different scene painted at the waters around KTM Resort. The full levels of water transformed the place and it was very "lagoonish" in a way. Within minutes, i spotted schools of baitfish cruising on the surface... The most intriguing being a a huge school of medium sized Seklar!

A small local sampan was having a hard time tailing the Seklar schools. I presumed they were trying to net the huge school of Seklars... but they weren't having any luck!

I started off with stroking my jigs ala Japanese style at the shallow reef area but i had no takes. I suspected that the poor response was due to the high water level. Eging is always easier when you have less water to cover. High water levels mean that the squid are at different depth and you must work harder to cover the depths frequently.

Some of the egi weapons of choice

Halfway through, i opted to just jig the usual tamban/kunning and ebb the day away. We got quite a few exciting moments when the Seklar school came near and a full string of Seklar were caught by the sabiki... Good fun if you know what i mean. Hehehe...

We also found a great spot for "Cincalok" at the shallow reef area near the spa villas. It was pretty consistent and we landed quite a few. The area next to the spa villas were transformed by the very high waters and there was a good drop off amidst converging strong current flows. This might be a good place for the pelagic fish as the current was overlapping and there were mini swirls of whirlpools.\

One of the reefy snaggy drop offs near the spa area

Towards evening time, the storm came and it went from a drizzle to a downpour. We took cover in our cottage and had enough time recuperating for the night session.

We waited till around midnight for the tide to come in.

Various food of our stay...

We slowly had our dinner and mulled around while we waited for signs of squid life. There were quite a few notable incidents and I even noted an extremely big splash just near the drop off in front of the restaurant. The restaurant manager spoke of reef sharks commonly sighted. Was this one of them?

Anyway, a school of barracuda was also spotted chasing baitfish but I had not much interest. The rain was soon totally gone and the water condition had improved with the full tide. We grabbed our chairs and started doing lazy man's eging (i.e. up and down... up and down).

Weapons for the night raid

The fast sinking yamashita was extremely useful here as most of the squid were at the bottom and to get there as fast as possible, a fast sinking egi was the best bet.

Just a few minutes into the session, the bloody (literally) squid jig proved its worth by bagging a few squids. It had beaten the Yamashita purple hands down... or had it?

Enjoy the pictures..


Nigel said…
hey there we book directly thru the resort. There's a guide on my site on how to get there. Check it out :)

Tidetable similar to SG waters as its pretty nearby. Use SG waters tide(not the sembawang one..victoria dock)
timothy said…
How much would you normally have to pay per pax? for a 2 day trip?
Nigel said…
around 80 for ferry and stay. Food is u to u

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