Thursday, December 18, 2008

Past Freshwater Luring/Baiting Part 2

Another exciting bash... This time it was super last minute as i wasn't supposed to make it due to work but suddenly my uncle was downstairs and gave me a call... "Dio huer bo? Wa di low ka liao"

So i grabbed off my tackle and headed out! Kekeke never pack anything but who cares...Uncle drive me to work after fishing so i was onzzz for the morning burst. Reached there and and uncle kena a goalkeeper biggie! It was moving damn fast and was taking out line like noone's busines! SOMETHING NEW when baiting! Alas! Hook came off! An unknown monster lost.

Almost instantly, i also kena one but it kept dashing off and soon sangoat with the weeds and lilies. Couldnt pull it out and had to burst line.

Uncle fren kena one 1.5kg! At the end of the trip we decided to cnr it becauz uncle fren got fish to tapao so happy liao

Well then later Uncle friend kena one TOO TOOO TOOO TRAIN..bugger kept going....Fight 30min still chu swak... Fight and fight...waliew eh... Keep on coming in and going out again! Finally we saw the bugger! After much "stunts", finally land the bugger but then my MK1 lipgrip bent and cui! The bugger dropped back into water and later was landed using a pail CNR the bugger! Too big to be tapao! It MAXED OUT THE 25kg(not lbs ah) SCALE and destroyed my Mk1 grip!

Then waliew almost after recast! big one hooked up! After a solid fight, a metallic ninja green toman was brought up.



The fish was given to my Uncle's friend who wanted it for his reunion dinner with family.

Anyway the end! Everyone went home being satisfied! Although my uncle and me didnt get our fish for our cny dinner but we still saw alot today!

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