Thursday, December 18, 2008

My First Luring Experience

This is my first luring experience. My mentor Calvin managed to persuade me into a night luring mission with him. I know nothing about luring and bring one ah lau baiting set. My only lure was a small grub i picked up at Punggol Jetty. Haha. Little did i know that grub will catch me my first fish on lure...

The beginning was super bad for me. You will never know how hard it is to lure with an ah lau setup unless you tried before. Trust me it is not easy. Big reel, heavy rod with 20lbs mono line. Almost every 5 cast is a beehoon.

Night luring... No light... Illegal spot... and countless new things to take note. To be frank, i enjoyed it.

Anyway, these pics really bring back sweet sweet memories.

Thanks Calvin for introducing me to Luring. You are one friend that i can count on.

My first fish on lure! Pardon the photo editing. Last time photo editing is like that one. The IN THING.

A Belida1

A Belida2

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