Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The NEW Yozuri Egi Series

For all squid hunters... Here's some juicy pics and information for those of you out there... Ive some pics and info on some nice squid jigs from Ebay. Go drool yourself.... Hehe...


The Yozuri Flash Dancer
Flashing Polyhedral Body© - a patented unique surface design that reflects light strongly, ideal for muddy/dark water and dawn time fishing! - a great addition to your tackle box!

*wrapped in special shiny scale-like cloth for enhanced visibility and the real fish-feel and texture
*broad-base snagless sinker for extra smooth and balanced movement
*Sharp, flexible & strong Trick Hooks© that hold squid tightly, but free easily if snagged on seaweed!
SizeLength (mm - in)
Weight (gram - oz)
100 - 4"
16 - 5/8
The Yozuri - Duel Pheromone

*Chameleon Paint© -a patented painting technology which changes colour at different viewing angles, triggering squids to attack the jigs again and again!
*fine surface groove patterns generate "micro" water flow, adding presence to the jig and giving a strong appeal to squids
Length (mm - in)
Weight (gram - oz)
90 - 3 1/2"
19 - 5/8
The Yozuri Aora

*Unique Half-Skeleton© body -- with holographic back and translucent belly, all wrapped in fine scale-like cloth for the extremely realistic look, feel and texture.
*Special underbelly hole fits a light stick for added visibility without compromising its life-like swimming action (compatiable lightsticks also available for sale)
*Snagless sinker with added weight and stability - perfect for long casting and in windy condition!
*Sharp, flexible & strong Trick Hooks© that hold squid tightly, but free easily when snagged on seaweed!
The Yozuri Aurie Q


Izhizm said...

woa do you still have anymore of them Yo-zuri chameleon Squid Jigs ?

Nigel said...

Nope.. i never had them,..