Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Old Fishing Hole Revisited

Today i decided to give the Tomans a rest as i was tired of bashing... Instead as it was march and there was a fairly favourable tide, i headed down to my old fishing hole to do some herring fishing.

Now this is no normal spot for me. It holds many great memories for me. It was where i started learning the basics of fishing and meeting many great kakis. It was also where my rod got dragged into the sea by a giant seabass a.k.a KBL. It was also the place i caught my giant herrings, chermins, sicklefishes... In all, it was a place the was special for me.

Those were the days

Now that i look back i regret that those fishes were brought back and not CNR-ed

Why did i decide to go back? Simply because i haven't been there for two years and that March to August is a great great time for the certain fishes we are targetting. And it's not just Herring i'm talking about! The fishes would gather in one big school and spawn here. It was the mother of all breeding grounds.

I wondered if i would see the any regulars there. They sure would be shocked to see me after my abscence for 2 years!

We hurriedly reached the spot and did some duck walking to get pass the rocky terrain and onto the sandy beach. Strangely, the beach was empty! We were lucky today and noone was around.

Soon after 20 minutes, my Uncle's rod turned into an extreme U shape. He gave it a strong tug and soon the battle was on! The fish was relentless and kept on tooking out line. However, it tired after awhile and was soon subdued. When it was brought up, pangs of excitement hit us.

It was a Giant Herring! These fish come together in great numbers and i look in anticipation at my rod.

The Beauty

The worn out fish

Sadly, nothing happened for the past 2 hours... Pesky crabs kept stealing our bait and our hopes diminished. We soon packed up and left the beach. Overall, we had a good feeling as the trip wasn't wasted and we enjoyed ourselves.

Coming to the last part, the fish was brought back because we failed to revive it. It its struggle, many of its scales had dropped off and the fish was turning a pale colour. It couldn't swim out into the sea.

So a point to take note, if you fight a Giant Herring, quickly bring it up and handle it carefully.

Sad Bear...

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