Saturday, December 13, 2008

Herring Wars Part 2

After sundays Herring Rush, the excitement of exploring a now proven Herring spot overcame me and against all odds, i rushed home and got my light surf fishing outfit ready. This t. However... Our Fishing Itch beat our Fishing Logic and we reached there too early...

We reached Herring playground but realised the water was too far out. I had to climb slippery rocks to make a decent cast into the surf zone! So it was plan B and we walked to the another spot in which we could cast properly.

Although i was excited, I suspected today might be Ah Seng day... Definitely no repeat of sunday's thrill as i was still new to the spot and didn't know if the Herrings are active at night here...

As expected, a Sai Seng was landed almost immediatley. It was one of the tiniest i have seen! Maybe around 50grams? No pics as it freaked me out and i faster got rid of it.

Second cast and another Sai Seng! This time bigger at a kg. During this time i was extremely down already and expecting more Sai Sengs! Luckily, no more sengs came to disturb us... We just cast out and relaxed on the concrete floor.


At 3.30am, reeled in and realised the baits were not even touched. Packed up and proceeded to the Herring Playground which will now be at least half filled. Hoho...

Casted out and chatted... Almost immediatley my rod bent... I striked and a Herring shot up out of nowhere. That feeling is damn shiok. It gave a few leaps and it was finally subdued. A fine specimen! Just that it banged itself on rocks and had to be taken home(We were fishing on a high place... Couldn't prevent the collision =( )

By now we were very excited and looking forward to more Herrings! This time i held on to my rod wanting to experience the "first hand" pull of the Herring. I saw one Herring jump up and my heart beat in excitement... Around 30 seconds later... A strong take and line was getting out! I gave it a good strike and hook set! The moment it was set, the Herring shot up like a rocket and started its run!

Leap! Splash! Leap! Dash Dash! It gave a total of 8 leaps and fast sprints before i managed to get it near to shore for landing. I could not lift it out and i started to make plans for my landing of the fish. I had to climb down to the beach to land it. Alas! When i got it near shore, the Herring gave one last leap and it threw my hook! Off swam my Herring... A big one estimated at least 2kg and above.


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