Thursday, December 18, 2008

Past Freshwater Luring/Baiting Part 1

Date unknown. Weight 4.2lbs. Lure Rainbow Mid-Dive.

This is the story of my first Haruan on lure. This is the story of my revenge.

1 week after getting my finger hooked, i went back to the spot with my finger still stiched up. Attached to my favourite lure WAS the trebles that hooked me last time. Only one tip of the treble hooks was cut opened to free my finger. So i still had 2 tips. Notice that in the photo, there is one tip broken? Kekeke...

Now i aim to give the pain back to the fish. And somehow i did it.

The tackle was a Shimano Exage STC 8ft, Navi C3000...

The take was almost sangoat like. Fight was plastic bag. The fish hit on the second retrieve.


BUT IT'S a FIRST for me! Still, i was shocked that casting at such an opened area produced a good sized haruan. I thought they preferred weedy covered areas and ambush prey. Seems to me this one came out and whack my lure. Wakakakaka...

Me with Haruan

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