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October Sibu Kelong Fishing Trip

A CR long overdue.

Morning transport went sailing smoothly and everyone was on time so we made good time and cleared customs with ease.

Made the trip to Sibu  and some forum friends. Hope there are some Macks left over and hopes were quite high for me. We had our breakfast somewhere in JB and then headed on to Sibu...

When we reached the kelong, the first thing i did was whip out my baitfish jigging set and went to scout for baitfish. I was disappointed when there were no baitfish around. There were only small schools of baby kunning which responded to my jigging. Its okay... took some prawns and baited. Got a few miss wong and leng chiam up and dumped then into the live well.

Then it was time to do some live baiting. Did a float rig and floated a miss wong out... Had takes and landed 2 todaks. These fish can have a powerful first burst but they the 4th one, i was bored with their fight. I wonder why people want to use noodle rods to catch Todaks. On a meagre 3kg drag, the todaks lasted only 30seconds. Even the 4 pounders weren't much.

Wasn't much action going on except a Baracuda which burst off Tian's line. Tian also landed a Saitoh with miss wong close to nightfall.

Anyway, got sick of catching these pests and changed to bigger bait but they keep coming anyway. Rest of the day was spent catching peh tor and misc fish. It got so hot in the middle of the day that i had to take shelter and fish at the hole spot.

First night amounted to nothing much. Bait was lasting and no big fish presented even when presented with fresh green eye squid. I went to sleep early and woke up early the next day trying to jig baitfish. As usual, only kunnings around. So proceeded to catch Leng chiam and Miss wong for bait. The todaks were out again and i got bored with baiting for them. They really are such pests!

Rest of the day proceeded with catching misc fish. My heavy setup with a live 8inch leng chiam got bullied and before i could got there, the fish got away and frayed leader returned. Guess its another Barracuda. Same thing happened to Tian.

Second night was slightly better. Caught some squids and some misc fish but no selar and no biggies around. Woke up again early next morning. This time, there was baitfish splashing far away from the kelong. Took out big bait again and casted out. Cheong even tried using a 200g kaci for live bait. Something bit the kaci. But no hookup.

Anyway, tian had a take and an est at least 10kgplus black cuda did a jump before spooling tian of around 80m of line. It then burst the leader and got away.

I also got a take.. Spooled me around 80m before snapping the line. Compared to the Cuda, this one was a faster take. Then Cheong got a big take with his bottom setup using enormous kekek. This one spooled him 100m+ and gave him no chance. Eventually, mainline broke. Suspected big stingray.

In a 20min frenzy, cheong, me and tian had a take. Tian and me had our lines burst immediately after some spooling but cheong fought on. After around 150m of line spooled, the fish turned back and it was gaffed up. It was a 4kg tengiri. The tengiris were finally here. But that was all...I guess the previous 2 takes by me and tian were also tengiris... The tengiri was caught on steel tracer on treble hook. Bait was enormous 8inch miss wong. Everytime cheong casted, the miss wong landed on the water with a big splash. People stared people gawked...but he caught the tengiri...10 points to him...

After that we tried out all sorts of live bait including more kaci and even leather jacket. But no more takes...

Anyway got sick of writing this long CR...I'll be back next week to hunt tengiris..till then....

Pictures below..


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