Uncle Soh Fishing Boat

Kekeke... This is another nice trip from Uncle Soh. He's a nice boatman that will make us maggi mee and kopi in the middle of the night. Anyway... caught her first Orh Kaci here and she make that trademark quote again... Wah... No fight one lay... But after she landed the fish she complaining everywhere pain.

Anyway our new Kaki Sim managed to hook up a Gao Tun... At first the take was strong but it didnt move so we thought maybe it was a small one stuck in the hole but suddenly the fish run from the back of the boat to the front so we faster reel up our line and went over to help Sim. The fish run left and right before heading out to the shipwreck. Quickly... We ask Sim to thumb his reel and pump the fish so it cant run...

Luckily the fish head turn and it is on its way up. The fish is damn heavy lor... Can see Sim struggling to pump the fish. After around 10minutes... Still very far away. We are fishing at 55m water and i estimate Sim has still 40m to go... Hai... Who knows at the 30m mark his hook came off and the fish got away. Then we saw his hook was only size 2/0... Wah! So small how to catch big fish!

Anyway after that landed a big Orh Kaci on Kelong Sotong... Almost 2kg in size. That is huge loh.

After that boatman was telling me kelong ci is the best bait for gao heur... So i chatted with him and he told me his stories. My rod tip vibrate and i reel in to find a Kelong Ci stuck on my hook. Then me and the boatman laugh... Wakakaka... Talk of the kelong ci.

Anyway, whole night water was super cold. I can feel the spots are damn good as below is very rocky and full of coral but whole night only Teeboon, Deep Sea kim and Kaci came out... Hai... no Ang Cho...

Managed to scoop this baby. It was CNR.

Morning I managed to land on Ang Kuey and after that no more action so we returned back.


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