Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Changi Offshore Catches 2007

The Angs and Peks
Date: 29 Sept 2007
Boatman: Ah Chong

Everyone was excited about today. It was going to be a Chermin hunting day but never did we expect to have so many nice catches! Started the day well with good sunshine and we were off to catch "Jiak Palang Fish" as told by Ah Chong... Never did we expect to bump into an Ang Chor feeding frenzy! Vroom Vroom... By noon all of us had break our eggs and all were happy.

Ah Chong's friend in a sampan even came over and offered us 7kg of Flower Crabs at $35 which we gratefully accepted! Tonight dinner was going to be very nice.

We were still getting Chermins here and there! Then Weiyee's rod bended like crazy and it was a biggg Chermin! After a tug of war, the fish surfaced but later during netting it escaped by spitting out the hook! BUT BUT BUT... The fish was flapping on the surface and was already half dead! We looked on as the fish floated away from us and Ah Pong's boat started and he faster went to the Chermin and scooped it up! Kelong!!!

Anyway he forgot to pull up his Anchor and later his rope got in his Propellor! Hahahahahaha! Anyway never mind at least they have a Chermin to eat. Then necroplastic came up with one very funnny moment when he fished up a Kelong Ci and said... "Huh? Kelong?"... Yes Kelong! hahahaha...

Later on no action liao and we called it a day. Guess what happened to the flower crabs later...Hehehe

Sweet, firm and fresh. HO LIAO LAH!

19 December Trip

Hoping for some revenge after yesterday's disastrous catch and we got it! Early on we saw ah chong boat got a big queenie maybe around 3kg at the first spot. As the day goes on... I managed to bag 3 good size Ang Chor... Ok at least something for me today!

New Year's Day Trip

After a rush of getting our boat for the New Year, we finally board Ah Long 3868 for the New Year! Wonder what surprises year 2008 will yield for me and all my kakis. It was a damn bloody windy day today and my hopes not that high lah... Ah Long drop anchor and everyone down their lines. So windy... current so strong. My size 4 sinker reach the bottom... soon after there is a little nibble and i thought it was small Ang Chor playing around so i gave it a tug. Who knows after the tug, line was peeling out from my reel! Rod bent into ugly U and the tug of war started. I thought the fish was a grouper but it fought very fiercely. This fish can dash! The fish surfaced and wow it was a nice size Gao! First prawn, first drop down, first spot, first offshore 2008 and my first fish at 1.5kg! Cheers!

After my grouper episode, it was  Bro in law to feel some action! Rod bent, lines out and a guhood was netted soon after. Very good size. 1.3-1.5kg. Wah at this point of time, we very high hopes already... Fish were biting everywhere! I put down my lines again and Ang Chor goalkeeper it. 1kg... After that small Ang Cho and fish were brought up. Now everyone complaining... How come only TT catching fish!

bro in law hooked onto a supposedly big fish... Fight very long... Then when it came up, it was only a 1kg Ang Chor.. But hooked on the fishes stomach! The wonder ah! After that Sulin brought up an 800g Ang Chor and all was calm. By this time, everyone except AC and Sticky broke their eggs. Heheheheehehehe... Both of them very Seh...


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