Saturday, December 13, 2008

Punggol End Baiting

Night started with me and farkhead being stupid enough to take MRT to Punggol to take cab down to P.End. But of course Punggol is like a desert so we waited very long until we got one...

Reached the jetty and can see... Hey not many people around today. Perhaps its Hari Raya thats why no malays. Can see many female anglers around... ... Asked one middle aged aunty there but she gave me a blur look and say no... After that i shy liao better not ask =x Since staying on until 3-4am later we'll know who =D

Setup my light surf rod and casted out with the last few pcs of my 4 weeks old BJT Tamban.

Proceeded to my eging and casted a few roundes when i got a tug on my rod... and waliao eh! This super small size Bak Tao go kapo my sotong jig! It's even smaller than the jig! Asked farkhead to hook it out and blast it out... Who know's what might lurk out there...

Small BT

Went to check my bait on my light surf rod and the bait was gone after only awhile so this time i decided to try something funny. I put the tamban on the hook and just drop the tamban down at the front side of Punggol Jety(The last time i did this, i landed a table size Gao).

Continued eging and this time there was a fairly strong tug! Hoho! Maybe the first green eye of the night? The creature came out and no! It was a Bak tao again! Oh well...

After that checked my surf rod a few times and realised the bait was very lasting...On the 3rd time, i realise the line is very stiff... Machiam sangoat... Gave it a strong tug and all of a sudden the line moved and there was something struggling! At first it gave the impression that i hooked onto another good size grouper! But soon, it lifted off the seabed and began speeding to my right heading for the jetty pillars. I immediatley pumped it and gave it no chance...

Very soon i went down the jetty steps in order to grab the leader and land the fish! At first i thought grouper... Than i saw a white belly then i thought jialat liao..maybe ah seng... But eventually It was a blue spotted ray weighing in at 1.5kg!

The Ray...

After that incident i tried the drop down tamban method again but it didnt work as tide was going down liao and water very dirty below the jetty... After that not realy much bites on our side but can see that tha female anglers around us getting many "Swa Muah" or "Usat"...

Later on called it a day liao... Boarding the first bus out of Punggol End with my prized catch... Tonight it's going to be Sambal KiamChai Stingray on the plate!

Good day!


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