Friday, June 8, 2012

Storm Gomuku Concept Metal Jigs by Rapala

Rapala has finally caught onto the jigging scene after being a maker of lures for quite some time. And in one of their brands (Storm), they have been doing it right. The local fishing and jigging community of Singapore and south east asia have been getting good jigs from them and I suspect this will continue for quite some time as the light jigging and micro jigging craze lingers. Wonder when will a Storm madai appear though….

Storm (by Rapala) has been producing good quality jigs at affordable prices for quite some time now. They have followed up with the Storm Gomoku series following the success of the Storm Thunder Jigs which were a big hit with pelagic species and light jigging fans alike!

I have had the fortune to use a few of the Storm Gomame during my recent trips to Desaru and I was impressed with the sleek profile. It was very suitable for fast speed jigging but still offers little resistance while jigging. I hit a few Chencaru and Queenfish during my trip to TU Lighthouse Desaru but pictures are still missing now.

You can target species like Spanish Mackerals, Barracuda, Queenfish, GT, Tunas, and Dorado etc.

The Storm GOMAME is designed by lure designer Mr Hiroshi Takahashi. The sleek, curvy-shaped anchovy profile is specifically designed to give maximum flash and crazy darting action especially for high-speed jigging and casting. A prominent feature on the GOMAME and the other Storm Gomoku Jigs is the quality holographic finish of these jigs.
Full range
Close up
Technique: Speed Jigging, Casting, Bottom Jigging Available Weight: 28g, 40g, 60g

GT Hitting the jigs
Golden snapper also hitting the jigs~
Macks hitting jigs
Queenie Hitting jigs too
Here are some choice pictures and writeup for the Gomame Jig by Rapala after seeking Rapala’s approval on the permissions to use their content.

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