Saturday, June 2, 2012

Singapore Fishing (Jigging) at Southern Islands

We have always wanted to try micro jigging and popping in our Singapore Southern Islands and it so happened that Abang was free on that Monday since it was his off in lieu. We had a quick arrangement and off we went to our first pure southern island jigging trip with madais, inchikus and madai jigs. You can get these jigs from Singapore tackle shops here as it’s currently the in thing. We went to the popular spots like near Pawai, Jurong Island, Bukom and even Labrador.
We met up at West Coast market very early on at around 730 am to have breakfast. I had my favourite west coast market tau suan… but it then started raining heavily. A quick check at the Singapore weather forecast website revealed heavy rains and wind. We were slightly disheartened then since we will cancel the trip if the weather continues but at around 9am, the weather became better and again (slight disheartened), we set off for RSYC (Republic Singapore Yacht Club) to board the boat.
It was rock and roll to the first spot and while taking cover from the wind at one of the islands, we spotted ah ho (best bet) also taking cover there. After the wind die down, we finally got to the first spot near the reefs and drop our jigs. I saw the fish hit Dave’s madai once and miss… it then came back for a second hit and very soon Dave was onto a good fish with his Ripplefisher rod. Great fight!

Dave with GT on Madai jig
A decent GT (Giant Trevally) came up! The GTs were hitting Madai! We drifted along the reef and hit some good fish with Andrew getting two good sized orange spotted groupers on Madai. One of the Groupers got the tail damaged when Andrew yanked it out of the rocks. I myself hit yet another ang gao or coral trout on asari inchiku… the take was the usual ang gao take... attacking the jig for many hits before swallowing it!

Andrew and his groupers!

Another coral trout for me this year!
Then Dave did it again! Another big take on the drop! GT! He was really on a bounce!
The action died down around lunch time and we ended up fishless till the afternoon where we drifted around Labrador area and I landed a nice grouper which became our dinner.  Clarence also broke his duck with a nice golden snapper aka ang chor on madai! 

Grouper on asari inchiku!

Finally clarence with his golden snapper on artificial
 I later on lost a big take around Jurong Island with my Majorcraft Go Emotion... The take was so big that line was peeling even though I was on almost max drag on the daiwa hyper certate custom 2500! I almost fell into the water with my rod but luckily my other leg was inside the boat.. hahaha… It was a suspected parrot fish! We’ll definitely be back for some action in the fishing paradise of Singapore!
We ended the day with a good meal of fresh steamed grouper at one of the ghim moh zhi char stall…
*Pictures courtesy of Dave.


Anonymous said...

Hi, mind to share the contact and pricing for your southern island trip? And nice blog you got there.

Nigel said...

hey abang's price is 480. He doesnt do weekday nor day trips so i dont think its appropriate to share contact..