Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baked Cobia with Herbs

Hi all cooking fans and fishingkakis who want to know how to prepare your fresh catch! In this post, we have some fish cooking tips from Nick (a friend of mine) who got his wife to prepare for him homemade baked cobia with herbs straight from the heart! In this post, i will share his pictures and his rough instructions on how to bake the Cobia with a little tips here and there from me.

Hopefully, fishingkakis will appreciate the humble Cobia more and accept it as a great tasting fish! The Cobia is in the same fish species as the hamachi or hiramasa aka japanse yellowtail kingfish and is considered good eating! Cobia sashimi is excellent if you have the meat bled!

Follow the below steps so you can learn how to bake Cobia! Baked cobia is one of the best ways to cook this fish and it is healthy as well so it's a winning recipe! Cobia is actually a little like chicken meat and i love to prepare it pan fried Cobia, fried with vegetables, baked, fish n chips or even in pasta!

You can look here for my Deep fried cobia cubes recipe!

The first and most crucial part of the Cobia is to deskin the fish and remove any bloody meat. Of course, the best is to bleed a small Cobia usually around the 5kg and below range to get the best meat.

After deskinning, Nick sprinkles his Cobia with herbs, sea salt! Photobucket

Some of the herbs he used! A little on the rough side if you ask me... chilli flake, mixed herbs. I suggest dill leaves, oregano and ground black pepper with a drop of lemon! Photobucket

Top it with cherry tomatoes and apples!

In the oven for 200 degrees and 20minutes!And there you have it. fabulous baked cobia served with wine!


Well here's another two tasty treats that i personally cooked up last week... Deep fried Cobia eggs with chilli padi

Subtle Salted Fried Cobia to go with teochew porridge. Very subtle salty taste and excellent with porridge!



That looks yummy!

Hedonist said...

i just had dinner and the pics made me hungry again !

Hedonist said...

i just had dinner and ur pics made me hungry !