Friday, June 29, 2012

Post TP (Tanjung Pinang) Dinner at Two Chefs Commonwealth

It's been 3 weeks since the crew came back from our TP (Tanjung Pinang) fishing trip on the Kansas 99 with Captain Asiq but I haven't found the time to compose the CR! The catch report is already at though. No fishing icebox problems this time! Our Coleman Iceboxes made it through safely and made it back!

Anyway, we had a dinner gathering for the group at two chefs eating place commonwealth. You can google if you need two chef's address. 2 Chef is usually known for their gu yu or milk power pork chops, golden mushroom tofu and raw hum. But they usually will entertain you if you bring your own fish (cleaned of course) to them. We had brought a snapper (big spanish flag), bulat (bludger trevally) and chermin for them to cook!

Out came teochew steamed chermin, sweet and sour fried snapper and bulat curry! Nothing beats having your fresh catch cooked and having drink over fresh fishing stories!


On this trip, nick was the only merlion (seasick) but he still brought up some decent fishes. His Daiwa Saltist 40SA and Eupro Hammer Jig PE 3 - 6 was good enough.

Anyway, it's always good for the fishing group to have a post trip meal. After awhile, you realise that the joy of fishing is not in the fish but hanging out with the same group - ups and downs. And when we finally have a good catch after some bad trips, we start to appreciate each other and look out for one another. I hope to bring this group to TP again next year... this time further out to Pengibu....

Here are some preview catches from the trip...

The fish were hitting jigs during the day! This one a Sagai on nature boys iron whip...

Hit a stingray on the second night... brought up in 8mins with a calstar 20-40lbs and china accurate look alike...

Going to have the stingray for BBQ soon! Stay tuned for the full catch report!

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Paddy Pike said...

Thats a heck of a saddle from the stingray Nigel, You will have a great barbie with that it could feed 40 people,
Well done my friends,