Sunday, August 5, 2012

Popping Practice

I'll be heading to the Maldives early next year to tackle some of my dream fishes - GT, Dogtooth Tuna, Red Bass, Yellow Fin Tuna, Amberjacks etc.... and it's tackle and technique preparation time! Had a good workout with the guys today as they educated me on the popping tips and techniques.  We had our popping session at Upper Seletar Reservoir fishing grounds. An extremely popular area for big game fishermen to practice their popping!

We had a good high end range of tackle and I tested Stella/Saltiga/Twinpower reel combinations with the Ripple Fishers, Temple Reefs, Carpenter rods. Even the new cheap ATC Blitz was there. I'll be slowly deciding on a popping setup to get... Poppers like the El Toro, Yozuri Bull, Craftbaits etc were all introduced to me.

Hopefully it'll be up by October so I have some actual field testing on the Pekan and Rompin Sailfishes...

Really really can't wait to go popping for GT!

Here's some shots for remembrance sake!

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