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Changi Offshore Fishing with Ah Long 29 July 2012

Personally, I have given up my hopes on Changi Offshore Fishing in Singapore as while there are still good fishes to be caught, the sizes are pretty much table sized. I will still have a few trips of year during the fishing season though. This is one of them.

The reason why I still have some trips a year during weekends is family. My dad still loves to go wet a line or two and my this was my brother's second trip out to sea. I'm a pretty sentimental person when it comes to family fishing. My uncles from both sides of the family will join in as well together with family friends and so on. Fishing keeps people together and promotes good father son bonding.

An all round photo of the fishing dudes!

Anyway, I usually get my live prawns (bait) from Changi Village at Changi Pro Tackle from Gina early in the morning. I think I noticed that Riverland Tackle seems to have gotten bigger? The Changi Village Food Center (Hawker Center/Market) was closed for renovation so I had purposely made ice for this trip in the form of cubes! I got us 2kg of live prawns at $66 for 8 of us.

While the date I had chosen was a good fishing date, the previous day had rained and I did not want to hope for anything ... but once we were out there, it was tight lines for all of us! I initially started out on madai and inchiku jigs but as time wore on, I just used bait... hahaha... it was easier for holding out the rig on the bottom as the wind was crazy today!

My brother did well and landed 10 over fishes by just sticking his rod out and playing a fool! I only had landed 4 - 5 fishes but had a beauty of a Golden Snapper at 1.8kg. Dad had a blast too reeling in good sized Snappers.

Alright! Good sized! Great fight on this one. Haven't felt this in quite awhile now!

Uncle caught the fishes coral home!

Even posed with a picture!

Cousin doing well

Well, most of the fishes today were table sized today and good for steam fish! Good fishing for every boat at Changi that day from Ah Chong, Ah Fong, Ah Soon etc.

Total catches with a few models!

Cute and handsome model!

Quickly went home to gut the fishes and had a good meal of steamed red snapper and grouper for the mother! Still a pretty good catch for Singapore Fishing nowadays!

Morale of the story? Good fishing time with family is priceless.


James said…
Hi Nigel,I like to know which boat man you use for this fishing trip? As a beginner myself with my friend, after going to pay pond and realize it is quite boring and expensive, i like to arrange a trip out in Singapore water. Like to know more regarding the cost and also where to get salt water fish..Nicer on table...

Thanks in advance.

Hedonist said…
enjoyable CR with really good catch for local waters. Kudos for the family bonding as well.
Hedonist said…
enjoyable CR with a great catch for local waters. Great to see the family bonding as well.
Unknown said…
Long ah.. Huat ah.. !!!
Unknown said…
Long see you tomorrow 8th October 2012 huat huat huat ah.. !!! Heng ah.. !!!

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