Thursday, August 30, 2012

National Day Tuas Singapore Offshore/Boat Fishing with Abang

Every year we'll always try to organise and plan a fishing trip during National Day. When the whole of Singapore is busy with the fireworks and watching TV, the bunch of us would be out there in the sea doing some fishing and sometimes even watching the aircraft take off from Sudong and Pawai. Fishing in Singapore is that tough... we'll have to find public holidays to actually have some time for fishing!

It was no different this year with a quickie fishing trip arranged with Abang. We set off from RSYC for a madai/tai kabura and inchiku fishing trip with Dave also using some metal jigs. We were to fish the southern islands with only artificial baits and we did not even get any live prawns.

The wind was kind to us early in the morning and we managed to do some drift fishing or rather drift jigging where ah bao hit an unstoppable monster fish by madai bouncing on the sea bed. The fish stripped his stella 6k in a few seconds and he was shouting turn the boat! Turn the boat! That way! On the Engine!!! But it was over in seconds as the fish somehow cut itself off the reef. We suspected it to be a Giant Trevally aka GT because the leader was cut when he was pumping in the fish and not cut when on the run. It could be that the GT slammed the madai and it's own face against some rocks in an effort to dislodge the jig.

What a waste! But we were in for a good time as Clarence got this beautiful eng ko/parrot fish/tuskfish on madai jig. The take was good and the fight was sweet! But if you would look at the video, the fish was hanging outside the net when it was netted with one hook on the fish, one hook on the net!

Dave was not to be disappointed with his hardwork working those metal jigs though as a good sized sagai or bumpnose trevally took his jig and gave him some workout!

Abang also had a great time landing some grouper on madai jig... no luck for me or Andrew though... and the wind finally picked up at noon time and there was no chance of doing anymore fishing as the conditions got worse and so we packed up. The total catch only being a few good sized groupers, 2 parrot fishes, a few spanish flags aka teeboon, 1 bumpnose trevally aka sagai.

We had a good dinner at Ghim Moh... where we had... yummy fish! Sweet and sour grouper and steamed parrot fish!

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