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Singapore Changi Offshore with Family 12 August 2012

Another Sunday was spent out on the waters hunting for the big fishes off Changi and Tekong with the family... Well, this is going to be the last trip for many months as I have not seen any suitable tides during the weekend in the months that lie ahead. On this trip, the bulk of the fishing kakis were my dad's friends who couldnt make it the last trip as there were too many people. Conditions were perfect for fishing although the live prawns we got from Changi pro tackle were too big! It's good to note that the Changi village hawker centre is undergoing renovation now...
We boarded the boat at changi point jetty (yes the jetty with all the bumboats going to pulau ubin) During the this trip, I managed to poison ah long into doing some madai/tai kabura fishing and it paid off for him when he landed a decent 3lb grouper on tai kabura! I could see it in his eyes the mutual feeling of attaining enlightment and the next question that followed was "where can i buy this?" Hahahahahaha another one bites the dust...

Anyway, drift fishing was extremely slow and the fishes weren't biting. My brother lost a big one though that burst 30lb mainline but that was just about it... a fish here and a fish there. I lost a huge fish too when i did not know it was a fish. The fish ate the extra large live prawn and just parked itself there. I initially even though it was a rock and when i started reeling in, it moved!!!! I was shocked as the fish powered away and i couldn't set in time... suspected to be a giant grunter or guhood...

All boring time for me....until i landed a kuku fish or stargazer on asari inchiku...

The bite stopped at lunch time and we were to wait for the incoming tide and what did you know? Weiyee hit the jackpot! I was just beside him when he was saying he got stuck or sangoat on the seabed... when suddenly, the reel screamed. I looked at him and laughed together..... up came a 2.5kg grouper that was just lightly hooked at the lip!

We also visited one of ah long's older spots at the end of the day in what resulted in some good grouper and snappers... before cutting the trip and heading back. Well, don't complain when there's still fishes!

Went home and quickly cleaned one of the so called premium gaos that i saw escaped from the farm and probably lived in the wild for some time... yummy! The gao was so sweet and meat slides off easily like ang gao...


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