Friday, August 24, 2012

Last Minute Pekan Sailfish Trip - August 11

The original plan was to head to Desaru TU Lighthouse for some hot Queenfish jigging action with my group of newbie jigging friends being the main victims of some poison. In fact, I brought them to beach road to stock up on some light jigging tackle like the Eupro Salty Fighter, Daiwa Revros, Surecatch Flash Jigs, Asari Pinktails and so on... They were new to light jigging and were looking forward to the trip. The weather wasn't looking so good however and the dreaded call came late at night that the trip had to be cancelled due to strong winds... Oh no...

But then a wacky idea came and just one phone call meant we were on the way to Pekan Pahang to go fish up some sailfishes! All of us were grossly underprepared for Sailfish but we quickly mustered what we could and began the long drive up to Pahang which is near Kuantan. It's my favourite location for Sailfish because it's so laid back and out of the way which makes it more attractive than the Kuala Rompin Sailfish. Also, fishing wise, it is calming to be the only boat in the area fishing for Sailfish and this was primo as i recall horror stories from my friend's fishing in Rompin when numerous boats were out on the same grounds and lines were crossed between different boats!

In addition, I was close with our boatman, his family and also familiar with the restaurant people/breakfast people and so on. It's somehow different when you can just open the boatman's place late at night as you knew where his keys were hidden and just let yourself in as it was your own place... Best of all, 60RM a night and you get a good room with beds/aircon/toilet and all the basic amenities of the boatman's place. It was a pretty close knit community and you somehow feel part of that... And of course one of the main reasons for coming to Pekan.... The fried calamari and nonya steamed fish at Sri Pekan.....

It was only August and compared to Rompin, the Sailfish will not be that active in Pekan yet... Pekan Sailfishes tend to peak around October due to the migratory patterns but I was very suprised at the amount of Sailfishes we saw during this trip. It was an extremely bumpy ride but we made it to the Sailfish grounds and we were greeted with numerous seagulls! Local fishermen often say that one seagull is one sailfish... well, we saw 2 dozen seagulls and when the Sails came close, I could only stare... There were easily 2 dozen fishes clustered together and when our live bait drifted past them, they didn't take! We only had a few bites in the morning with NO SAILFISH chasing the poppers! Quite amazing this one.... Our Captain Rickey commented that there are too many baitfishes in the water and I believed him because the Sailfish were playing with our live bait and merely slapping them with their tails and then swimming off!

In anyway, one of my friends who was a Sailfish virgin landed his first Sailfish. Kudos to him because he has been trying for the past 2 years to land one but always failed..... the newbies will require more experience though as we struggled to revive some Sailfish.

Here's a good cool underwater video done up by Kiat... love the squid attacking the camera!

We landed around 5 Sailfishes and bust off as many before having our lunch and going over to the squid grounds where we had fun hauling squid after squid.... The main tip for catching squid at the unjam is simple.... sink your jig to the bottom with a sinker apollo style or running sinker rig and twitch it up a few cranks, let it sink, pause 10 seconds and repeat...  very often, the squid will be onto your jig in seconds. Don't drop the squid! Because if you spook one, the rest will swim away! We had fun catching them squids and we easily caught a few dozens... I had the biggest squid of the trip probably over a kg....hehehehe....

After a hot black day, we returned to shore and got rewarded with the best part of the trip.... Nonya squid, steamed ang ko li, calamari... It was good to have a taste of the nonya zheng after a few months... Simply love it so much that we always have to come back here!

That's all folks of my 1 day Sailfish trip.... only possible in singapore! hahaha!

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