Friday, September 23, 2011

The Water Bottle Popper!

Ok guys i guess i'll be trying to go into the art of lure making lol so today i had some free time i thought why not make a popper for Sailfish and Toman... so i grabbed a water bottle to make a fishing lure called a popper. It was done in 5 mins... And cost less than a dollar.

Can't wait to test this thing out... Don't laugh at me... Will make improvements like wiring, cuphead, rattles etc etc in future lol it will be version 2... The good thing about the water bottle is that you can just adjust any weight you want by adding weight into the water bottle via the cap... hehe

Any suggested names for the water bottle popper???

Right not it's WBP Version 1 hahaha!!!


ED said...

Hi there, please don't take my following comments as criticism. It's just something I thought we can think about.

While this water bottle may be a cheap source of raw material and actually a form of recyclable use itself, I think we also need to consider what if the bottle somehow gets detached from your setup? Resulting from a fierce struggle... a creative idea instantly become a non-biodegradable waste that actually harms the water where we Singaporeans usually fish for sailfishes. And corals around the usual spots like Tioman or Aur are already bleaching out.

Just thought that could be something you can think about too.

Anonymous said...

Hi ED, point taken! Actually I feel divided on this one too but I can't really justify fishing now too since we use lead sinkers, plastic lures and balloons too... Hmmmm... Worst of all, our mono line... What's your take?

Paddy Pike said...

Well thats knackered this post haha, I think you will have to fill the bottle with none toxic resin and then take the plastic bottle away to reveal a solid bottle imitation, "Same thing different gravy" as my dad used to say, But good luck with whatever you decide to do Nigel,
I know you wouldn't harm the sail fish,

ED said...

That is precisely why we need alternatives. For example, some anglers stick to wooden poppers like those made in Indonesia. Wood, is still biodegradable. That explains why I never really took up luring.

Even for lead sinkers, alternatives have been developed but take-up is slow. Take for example in some parts of US or Canada, fishing with lead products is strictly prohibited. Hence, anglers turn to glass, steel or tungsten which harms the environment in a much lesser way than lead.

In this case, plastic bottles are already a well-known contaminant that we are re-introducing into the waters.