Fishing at Tairua: The Food for Singaporeans

I was might lucky to travel to many places in Auckland and i miss the food there already. What we cannot get here, we get loads there and in a way it's vice versa for them! Beef and pork were very cheap... visits to the butcher would make us happy!

We had booked service apartments for most of the trip and the meat was done DIY style. I loved the BBQ Porterhouse!!! Simply wonderful. Kingfish sashimi and grilled was great too!

We tried a number of places like Shells in Tairua, Japanese restaurants in Auckland and the Orbit Cafe at Auckland Sky Tower which was like a revolving restaurant!

Sashimi was great in Auckland! I enjoyed the King Salmon Sashimi! Awesome grade 1 Salmon! FYI There is only grade 2 and below Salmon in Singapore as shared with me by our fish expert Ivan! And of course the Snapper, Golden Snapper, Kingfish we caught were also turned into Sashimi. Wonderfully yummy!

I'll stop short of the descriptions here and post a couple of pictures now! If you are hungry now, tough luck!

The all important shop... Butcher!

Preparing our pork chops

Grillin time!

This is breakfast! Ok photos are not really in order...

Can you spot Sashimi?

This was dinner at shells. Awesome place with awesome prices!

After fishing at Tutukaka, we had sashimi and peking duck with this wonderful chinese chef... great stuff and awesome guy. He was also an LKY fan which made things even better...

Dinner at Grand Mercure somewhere near Tairua...

Kingfish done 3 ways. Blue cheese, pan fried and poached. SIMPLY WONDERFUL. Best fish meal ever!

Roadside newspaper fish n chips at Whitianga

Korean and Japanese Restaurants... my best sashimi ever...

Dennis fast food...

Lastly... Dinner at Orbit Cafe Auckland... It's a revolving cafe!

Scallops, Tuna Loins, Steak, Duck and Beef Salami! We also had Kumara Soup and King Salmon.

Loved the Pavlova :)

Alright guys, thanks for bearing with this lengthy post.... the fishes will be up next!


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