Monday, September 12, 2011

Eging and "Stunt Fishing" At Labrador Park

I went eging and fishing during the 7 month "ghost festival" at Labrador Park. It's a really nice place but it's deserted now due to the 7 month. The previous day i only landed one squid there because the water was too clear and the squids were very picky...

But this time, a friend was free and well since we had nothing to lose, we gave it a try anyway. We arrived just when the tide was changing and my first cast caught me a green eye reef squid! It was taken on a Yamashita warming jacket size 2.5 gold body. That got everyones hopes up but it was not to be.


Then, i got myself into some mess... i got my squid jig stuck on some rocks and was scratching my head when the top part of my rod (i was using a 2pc rod) came off and slid into the water and into the deep depths.

Everyone was stunned. It was now close to high tide and the rod was in water that was above chest level!!! But i acted fast anyway and slid down into the cold water to get my rod and squid jig which was stuck on underwater debris. I was very very very scared i can tell you that although it seemed easy. Hahahaha...

Some pictures of my stunt...

But i got my rod and jig out and everyone cheered!

Back to fishing... Weiyee landed a nice Golden Snapper on squid tentacles that was from the fresh squid that i caught... Talk about luck!!


We even caught a strange looking crab!

We'll be back! After NZ of course :p


Paddy Pike said...

Hahhaa thats so funny, I remember casting out and the top half of my rod did the same darn thing, I also got soaked haha,
Good luck,

miwashi said...

Where did you catch it? I thought the jetty is closed now? What time is best for squidding?

Nigel said...

Labrador ramp... cheers

miwashi said...

where's the ramp? Is it in this picture?