Thursday, September 15, 2011

Contacts for Kelong Sotong Bait for Fishing UPDATED with pictures!

Hi everyone, here in Singapore we are very particular about our bait. Tackleshops sell live prawns and live fish for bait. Another popular bait is "Kelong Sotong". The term comes from squid which are caught from the kelong. Usually these squids are smaller in size 4 - 5 inches and have not touched freshwater... This seperates them from the market squid. Fishermen here believe that the "smell" of the kelong squid attracts fishes and it is a must have bait for surfcasting or night offshore.

Kelong sotong i got from Garry Chua.... notice the bright eyes

Kelong squid is expensive but we still do not care about the price as all of us believe it is effective...

Here are some contacts if you are going out fishing and need kelong sotong...

Kerry a.k.a Shoreangler - 81823573 $30/kg. His stocks are from Bedok Jetty
Garry Chua - 91833757 $25/kg. Free delivery
Ian Chan - 97766626 $27/kg

Sotong from bro JDM - 84444158

The above are all freelance sotong - men. Tackle shops do sell kelong sotong first but please watch out for scams. Kelong sotong usually do not come in super large sizes above 7inchs like market squid. The most important is to recognise the glint of green and silver in the sotong eyes. Sotong should also be not too overly purple as it's a sure sign of contact with freshwater. A little is okay as it may be exposed to a little air before freezing.

I have bought my kelong sotong at $32/g before at born to fish at beach road. Pricey but it's the real deal. Contact them here 62952818...

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Paddy Pike said...

Wow thats great being able to get that sort of bait from the tackle shop, We would have to go and catch our own live shrimp,
Great and helpful reporting,
All the best my friend,