Sunday, September 25, 2011

Changi Offshore With Ah Fong 3188 On 6 September 2011: I got them to SMILE!

This trip was booked a few months in advanced as i wanted to plan an offshore in which my uncle, father and brother could come. So we had to book a weekday during the school holidays.

On the trip was Shawn, Nick and son... my dad's friend and his kid was also on the trip.

Our merry gang made our way to Changi Village to board the fishing boat. I had booked Uncle fong or ah pong boat's for the fishing gang. We boarded the boat at Changi Point Ferry Terminal. This was the place that people board the ferry to Pulau Ubin.

We bought 2kg of live prawns and i bought some live Milk fishes too. The fishes were firing for this trip although sizes were pretty small. At 1000 hrs, i was pretty scared that we had not bought enough prawns! We had landed a mix of fishes and i caught a decent Ang Cho around 1kg

My brother's second time fishing but he landed 5 fishes in the morning including one very handsome Ang Kuey or Red Snapper. Lunch time was not so good and i only landed two Chermins... hehe...
My brother with an Ang Kuey!

Come afternoon, the fishes started feeding again and everyone had some fun... I got good fun with a big grouper around 5lbs which took my live milk fish... i had another one around 2lbs which also took the milkfish! This proves that live milk fishes work wonders!

Me with a nice grouper on milkfish...

Hehehe... My dad also got his fair of fishes and landed this beauty... i got him to smile! Miracle!

My dad with a good sized grouper

Uncle Bernard with a grouper too

Nick was seasick but his son Joel still had some fishes and kind Ah Pong passed him the rod to experience the fight! So nice of him!

I caught one!

Joel thrasing his dad with an ang cho!

Our total catch was quite good for Changi offshore.... it's a good day for everyone who brought back fishes...

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Paddy Pike said...

Thats a heck of a catch of fish, And some happy people as well,
Well done one and all,
Great blogging,