Friday, July 15, 2011

Frogging At An Old Spot...

After a bout of good sunny weather, i felt it was good to visit my old spot. Yup i was right, when we reached the place, it was very happening. There are many boofs and fishes making splashes when we arrived. There seems to be a big school of Peacock Bass too. I got a fish on the first few cast... A juvenile...


And then, i had this HUGE take by a Toman(snakehead) that took the scumfrog just below me when i was about to reel it in for another cast. Needless to say, the huge take splashed me withs some water! The fish was no longer taking the frogs anymore... so i changed to what i call a "spiderman" pencil lure. I personally designed it myself and had it spray painted and also drawn on with paint market. It's one of my favourite lure.

I got a good sized peacock bass on it...

Next up was casting small spoons to a giant school of small peacock bass... It was fun ... every cast 1 hook up hahaha but never take any pictures as it's small around 300g...

Had a good take when this Toman decided to take my lure the moment it hit the spot beside the weeds. Boooom!

It's very exciting when fishes are so aggresive and take lures with such force.... Good conditions so we head back in the afternoon after the rain...


After the rain was bad... but Shawn here landed an earth eater! A rare catch and a good one.


It's great being outdoors and fishing... Keeps the blood in you going warm and strong... better than the couch anytime...

Till the next time we visit this spot!


Paddy Pike said...

Thats some Lure of the Spiderman, I think its great,
I like the Snakehead fish, They are a top preditor,
Great blogging as allways Nigel,
Good Luck my friend,

Nigel said...

Thanks Paddy!

These snakehead are alot like your Pike... hope to catch a Pike someday... will see the weather tomorrow if its good will go back and get the elusive mama snakehead.... its been a long time i got anything above 4kg!!!