Monday, July 11, 2011

Pulau Tinggi Bakar Island Adventure Part 2: FISHING!

Hmmm this post is a little long and I'm using blogger's image host as photobucket seems to have conveniently made their site very inconvenient for me and even though i updated my java and firefox, it seems that i can't upload anything lol...

After the jokes and fun of the previous post, time to get down to the fishy business!

We were thinking of GTs, Macks and the like which can be found easily at the jetty. A few months back, i encountered a school of big GTs in the range of 7 - 10kg including some black ones.

But the weather sucked totally and we couldn't cast our lures properly! The wind was so strong that sometimes it made you sway backward! The water was very choppy and it was bad for fishing. Nevertheless, i had a big miss by what seemed like a Cobia on Duel Live bait minnow jig.

The wind proved to be too strong and we settle down after lunch while we waited for the tide to come up. When the tide came up, some of us went for the offshore fishing which was in the package. We didn't expect much from the offshore as their spots are more catered for baiters...

But the guys went anyway and they did well considering the windy conditions!

Jamie, the luck sucker... again with 2 pcs of Coral trout which was going to be our dinner!

After dinner, we had a try at eging. The next timing for offshore will be in the morning as the winds are very strong at night. Eging was fun when the tide was going out. There are a few ah lau with sinking method that landed many squid in a short time. Our side also landed a few squid but before we could sashimi them we all fell asleep!

Why is it called a green eye squid? Here's why!

Yup... they have very good size big eye at the jetty too

Oh yes, we got something that we came for. Jarret took out a popper and just cast out hoping for something who knows a small GT came to take his popper. After that another GT was landed by Jamie but after that the school went off... Pictures not with me so i have no evidence!

Anyways, next timing was morning. Morning offshore was kinda half hearted but at the first spot Jamie got his metal jig cut off by a spanish mack... minutes later what do you know Alan got a hit and up came a nice mack... after that no more macks and we jigged baitfish for later use.

Some GT Popping at potential spots... Somehow i felt that the tide was a little wrong for these spots. It was almost low tide hahaha. No current flow etc. Well, at least we visited a few nice spots.

Aseng got a nice baby queen on metal jig. He missed a GT... oops...

Well that's all for the fishing.... Here's some pictures on the scenery and food...

Food and BBQ

I can just smell this...


Paddy Pike said...

Oh WoW what a set of outings, Boat and Beach fishing with some great catches, Even if you dont have evidence, Not a matter, You have done very well indeed, Great Pictures great fishing and great Food,
But Excelent Blogging as allways,
I dont understand why Photobucket is playing up but i have the same problems, Try Picasa web albums,
Good luck Nigel,

Fish Whisperer said...

Looks like a great trip, and the food looks awesome. Well done.