Saturday, July 30, 2011

D Kranji Farm Resort

Here's a new place i found for prawning in Singapore and pole fishing for patin. I have not been there before but i heard the place has nice ambience and the pole fishing for patin is only at $4 per try. It's cheaper compared to those found at Jurong Birdpark, Punggol Riverside and Geylang Badminton hall prawning. Give it a go!

They have beer garden, restaurant, conference room and even villas to stay in!

Visit their site for more information!

10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813
Tel: 6898 9228


Paddy Pike said...

This is what its all about, Passing on information like this,
Top Man Nigel,

Hong said...

@nigel , For D'Kranji Farm Resort Patin Pole Fishing --- 10 Rod For 1 Rod Free . Shuttle Bus Avavilble At Yew Tee Mrt Station . For Bus Timing Please Check Their Website . Thanks !

Anonymous said...

the price are cheaper but the line are also thinner..

Anonymous said...

i m 13 yet i caught two patins with one rod,how difficult was that?