Iwarna Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Catch N Release Paypond

Weiyee and me made a short trip to our local freshwater pay pond to get some fish blood running through our veins again. It was Weiyee's first time there so we made sure we got some good baits and off we went. We brought some very mysterious concoctions and baits but we were lacking in a certain favourite bait of mine...

We arrived at the pond just after a shower. It was burning these past few days so a quick shower will give the fishes a much needed boost. Even better was that the shower coincided with the evening. Usually, fishing is about getting the moon phase and weather right but at artificial man made places like pay ponds, you could say that the fishes are probably confused. Nevertheless, fishing at Dawn, Dusk or during extreme weather changes usually still pay off.

The pond is well known for its massive Chao Phraya Catfish which go up to 50kg in the pond. The other species include the Patin, Pacu, Freshwater Barras, Red Tail Catfishes, Carps and many many more. The pond is pretty small though but it's okay for the deprived weekend angler. We usually use an array of baits such as Chicken Innards, cut/whole fish baits, kneaded flour with different ingredients and even cockles! This is done on a single hook rig. Debarb of hooks is a must! The fish also take rubber lures or flys.

Baits for the day! An Assortment of Kuey and etc.

Tamban (herring), Chicken Liver and Heart

Okay so we arrived at the pond right after rain and the action started almost instantly. I had an extremely good hook up on spin fly. It was the red rooster that Momok passed to me. The take was extremely good and the fish went up to gulp the fly when i was about the reel it in. I couldn't see what fish it was but it was an unbelievably fast fish... Perhaps the fastest fish I've ever fought there! It was a smart little fella and kept running towards the obstacles. It was soooo smart that it swam up slowly but out of a sudden, it suddenly swam down at lightning speed. I was kept busy reeling in slack line! Eventually, i bust the mainline when the fish finally edged its way closer to the pumps and i had no choice but to up the tempo. Damn?!

Weiyee instantly got a take after that on Chicken Liver. The fish veered left all the way and he was having trouble with his drag and all. This later resulted in a bust mainline too. Keeping line in your storeroom doesn't do it any good! Hehehe... The rain came down violently after this in which the fish started feeding aggressively...

I had another 2 takes from fly including a one way ticket and a Barra which threw the fly on the leap. The chicken liver was also hot stuff during this time. A total of two Barras chomped on it. Weiyee landed some while i landed some as well.


The highlight was a young adult Chao Phraya around 20lbs estimated that came to visit. It put up an excellent fight and gave me a good workout on the Protech Rod. Having tested the Protect Magic Spin Light many times, i have no doubt the blank of the rod is extremely strong. It's definitely under-rated and it can stand the TT-Torture. The blank managed to withstand my constant pumping of the fish under heavy drag. The only thing was that i don't think the reel seat will stand up against too much abuse. Alan are you reading? Hehe... No pics for the CPC though... the worker who helped me land the fish released it as he though i didn't want a shot.

Abusing the rod...

I was having a hard time controlling the fish away from the pumps...thumbing the spool occasionally when i needed extra leverage ...while praying that the line wouldn't go bust.... eventually it did. Damn...!

After the rain, things begun to slow down and later in the night we had a few misses only. We packed up later on as it seems the evening frenzy has died down...

They also had the whole place FOGGED to stop the mossies. Great of them. I wish Momok was here to take the fog shots!

I managed to flex my arm today... I can't complain... I guess...


Taufik Sardon said…
At least can flex... I think we save that arm of yours for another day at the pond
Nigel said…
hopefullly...hopefully... if the crowds dun return, i guess that place will close real soon...
Intoxicated said…
Hi. Do u have the pond info?

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