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Luring Trip to Old Spot

It's been almost ten decades since I've caught anything above 2kg in the wild and i suspected this trip won't be any better. Still, i managed to get up early and get the bicycle ready for a long ride. I secured the rod and cycled without delay, trying to beat the sunrise.

The spots used to be heaven back then but netting has taken a toll on the good fishes and they'll struggle to make a comeback. There used to be big big Haruans lurking everywhere along the cover but now i believe that they will only be found deep inside the "harder to get to" areas. I could hear them boof and thrash at times but not anywhere near me...

I still gave it a try but not much activity at this spot so i moved on... Having lost my first light advantage, i rode on with a heavy but still cheerful heart. There's nothing like fishing in the morning with the dew evaporating and the angler perspiring. I'm not going to cover up the spot and spoil the pictures for this trip. If you know the spot, you will recognize it... If you don't, well then that's just too bad.

It was never productive with small fish anyway... Not your typical haruan area... But they're there alright...
I arrived at the next area a little late. I called it the breeding grounds and the recent rain has made it swell to quite a large area. Would it be easier to get the fish this way? Hmmm...  Anyway, this stretch of water is only fishable in the early mornings...

The "Breeding Grounds"

You must get the fish before it moves out into the open waters of the river system. I managed to be in time to see a few Toman Fry schools move out... Behind them... Peacock Bass and Big Tomans chasing them.

My first and second cast resulted in small fishes. Heck! I was not even casting at the school!

The fries were moving around fast and the big Tomans chasing them weren't even looking at my lure. I got a Peacock Bass around 2lbs which grabbed my white Rabbit Gold Sparkle rubber lure the moment it went into the water... Sad sad... The hook came off while fighting.... I must have set the hook too many times hahaha.

It was slow fishing after the fishes moved out and i could only fish along the weedy cover. Even if there's any fish along the cover, it will always be small fish because the big fish have moved out.

Fun with the small ones...

The Daiso shads are very effective but cast poorly. 

Went to do some hardcore stunts to get to another spot... Wasn't worth the stunts it seems...

Many Juveniles were landed today.... but I'm still jinxed and unable to catch anything bigger... I'll just have to wait, pray hard and fish hard.


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