Luring with Shimano Bass Rise Rod

Still fresh from yesterday's hunt, the two fools headed into Bass Territory again at around the same timing. Armed with the new flys that Momok tied, both anglers were feeling rather tipsy. The Old Man now came in smaller hook sizes and it had a strange swimming effect that i somehow attribute to putting a snap swivel to it. Hmmm...


Momok - Black Hole 6'6 2-8lbs/Daiwa Emeraldas 2506(yes, an eging reel!)
Me - Shimano Bass Rise 5'6 6-10lbs/Ofmer Axis 500

I arrived at the area first and after doing some stunts(and getting numerous wounds in the process), i bumped into a schooling bunch of Toman fries. Not surprising, there were a bunch of Temensis below the fries... a common occurrence especially when the Mama Toman is not around to guard her fries.

I tried to tempt the Temensis but i hooked onto many Toman fries instead. It must be a strange world for these fries... To hunt and be hunted at the same time.

Getting some old mans...

Momok came by and we trudged around the same few openings and casted for our prey. That lucky ass Momok got a hookup on his first cast while i was casting away for ages and still did not get any bite! Well, that did change and i hooked up many more. A shy greenish Toman even came to look at us but sped off when i spooked it.



Lipped ya....

Momok is unstoppable

Hey I caught some fish too okay!

We moved off from the bushy areas to our favourite "ledge" spot in which there was a small ledge sitting on the edge of a downhill terrain. Lures or flys worked across the parallel of that ledge was sure to guarantee hook ups and we were pretty confident of getting a few good fish.

And Yahooooooooooooooooooo indeed... It was fish on and fish on for us(more for momok) and we never looked back. The fish were taking the fly slowly and weren't putting up a good fight but we couldn't ask for more. Bites were consistent and schools of fishes were seen following a hooked fish in.

The fish were simply heaven to fight on the extra sensitive and flippy bass rise while the Ofmer Axis 500 was screaming away. Momok was having fun too with his extra longish Black Hole rod and his plastic reel!!!

Some pictures on fishing by the ledge...

The fun died down when sundown eventually came and we said goodbye to our favourite ledge... for now. We left.... not before clearing up some mess left behind by some NETTERS.

It was a sweet feeling when i woke up this morning... still recounting the glory of yesterday.


Taufik Sardon said…
Nabe... you could have at least edited my pictures abit...
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I'm assuming comments are moderated so when I click submit this post won't automatically appear on site, if it does, I again apologize.
Alan chan said…
hahaha lol good one there kekeke

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