Freshwater Luring with Shimano Bass Rise Fishing Rod

I have been observing one of our favourite bass spots for quite some time now and with the recent rainfall building up, it's time we went back to the area for our Peacock Bass. We set out a 2 day plan on fishing the area.

It's one of those fishing grounds in which one will be supremely confident in getting a fish. Yeah... I guess you could say expectations were high.

It's always prime time to fish in Dawn or Dusk but from our experience, the fish there feed even at noon although they are terribly sluggish. We went at around 2pm... and targeted to end by 7pm.

Momok - Black Hole 6'6 2-8lbs/Daiwa Emeraldas 2506(yes, an eging reel!)
Me - Shimano Bass Rise 5'6 6-10lbs/Ofmer Axis 500/Daiwa Caldia Kix 2000

Today we will only be fishing on the outside reaches of the catchment area. This meant that there will be little bashing so we were grateful for that. There are less Toman around the area but we are only here for the Peacock Bass which we will be using spin flys to target. Who knows... if we are lucky we might even bump into a Temensis or two...

The flys were tied by Momok who was pretty excited about testing them. He named his clousers the "Flying Fish", "Old Man" and "Red Rooster". Quite odd names i would say...

Our standard openings to cast from were now totally submerged and we had to improvise our casting areas. We pulled down branches and squeezed into impossible openings. I even had to balance on a log at one of the spots. Yeah... "The things we do for fishing..." . The water was now ideal for us using a wading suit but it's hard to get one down here so we had to stay on dry ground to cast our lures and flys.

Momok was having a great start with a few Peacocks taking his fly. He was having a good time losing a few too. I was doing worse with losing all of my Peacocks!!! What was happening?!?! I guess you could say it was not my golden hour. That was extremely true when it was Momok's turn to take a ticket to the unlucky side.

Landed in quick succession

Using the spin fly rigs, we moved from opening to opening and casted a few rounds. We used fast/slow twitch, eging twitches and even slow pulls. Alternating the workings were somewhat working well for me.

It was pretty tough to get a fish now because of the deep water. It was not that the fish were not there... It was hard to spot a fish and they are scattered around more evenly. The sizes were better though... a sign that those fishes we did get were the ones swimming around hunting freely. This is just an initial observation though and the bite rates may get better with the water quality getting back to normal if the rainfall ceases.

A Surprise which was released to fight another day

I spotted a pair of spawning Tomans swimming around lazily but they didn't stick around for long. Towards the end, i eventually landed one of the Bass while Momok got a hook up while he was scratching himself.

Finally! Some pb from the waterfalls...hehe

End of the day... it was mission accomplished for Momok's newly tied flys and satisfied faces on both anglers. All in a day's work it seems...


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