Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Abang Southern Island Singapore "Snapper" Fishing Trip March 2019

The last "Abang" southern island night offshore fishing trip? 17 September 2011 (See here). I remembered good old Shawn of catching a fish head and nothing more. Not sure why I didn’t go night fishing for the last 8 years but I like to tell people that night fishing was for young folks and that I wasn’t getting younger.

It all changed one evening as the usual kakis were dreading the heat during the day Southern Island/Tuas offshore fishing and casual conversations about the myths of 12kg golden snappers during night trips got to us. All too soon, we were gathering up our dusty gear and our old night fishing terminal tackles (rangongs, giant swivels and big sinkers up to size 24) to go on a somewhat “refresher” night offshore fishing trip.

We only had 20 bullets or so...
We weren’t rusty though and Abang didn’t disappoint with his astute as always attitude towards night fishing. It simply was a matter of letting time pass (and the fish to get on the bite) when we’re with him. We were the opposite of unlucky that night though and we scored some very decent golden snappers (ang chors) and deep sea mangrove jacks. Chin, who was a first timer to night offshores, caught a pretty decent deep sea mangrove jack and we were all pretty jealous (especially when he didn’t know how rare it was). The biggest ang chor was around 4kg by Biao and that really gave him a good run for his money on his Penn 12T. Joshua too was having the time of his life with the trip being one of his most successful ones for the time being. Grown men (yours included) were pretty much reduced to moaning when the snappers hit us. All of us managed at least 3 to 4 pieces of good fish. We even had the luxury of letting a few go either through hooks coming off or bust lines. The frenzy lasted an hour or so gave us 15 pieces of assorted snappers of mixed sizes (mostly at the 1.5kg to 3kg range) and we picked up another 3 pieces of snapper on the way back to RSYC.

Brilliant 4kg specimen!

Filling up fast!
Chin scores his first decent sized chor!
Biao posing with the MJ. Hehe!
We reached land just as the rains were about to have a go at us and this reminded me yet again of the legend of Abang (heck, this guy is a fish and rain machine; Abang told us rain coming, better go).

Really decent haul for Singapore waters!
Fishing in Singapore dead? Nah, that’s something that we want everyone to think.

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