Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Fishing, cooking and eating river half beak

Do you know that one of the tastiest and easiest to catch fish is the river half beak? It is present in many salt-water or brackish water bodies and can be easily caught with bread or a little prawn bait. Floated rigs or sight casting some bait at these cute fish work very well. Note that this is not to be confused with the larger half beak species.

Fry it the same way you would fry whitings (swa jiam). It's actually sweeter than whitings and a crispier beer snack since it is less meaty and gets really crispy easily.

Some pictures of a simple outing I went on last year to get some of these for a snack. Some other fishes came along the way (including some whiting) so I had to eat all of them.

Coat them evenly
Fry till golden and crispy

Simple recipe:
1) Mix all purpose plain flour with black pepper, sea salt and oregano. Feel free to tweak the seasoning according to your preference.
2) Coat the fish evenly
3) Proceed to fry till golden and crispy

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