Gills Fishing Pond (Singapore) at Punggol Marina Country Club

Gills fishing pond also known as defunct swimming pool pond
I seldom visit fishing payponds in Singapore. The fishes are smelly, the rates are expensive and very often, it is crowded. Fishing can get really predictable too which really kills the joy of getting a surprise catch. So, be very surprised that I am blogging about a fairly new fishing pond - Gill's fishing pond. The pond is located inside Punggol Marina (Marina Country Club) and is built on swimming pool foundation!

I always scoffed at the pond as I came back from fishing with Jimmy. How could someone enjoy fishing here - the pond was shallow and the high up build meant that the pond level was at about your waist level. This makes fishing rather awkward. I scoffed and scoffed until one fine day, our bunch of kakis had not much choice but to go there for a gathering and do some fishing.

Then, I realised that Gills fishing did some things differently - they would release threadfin salmons (ngor soon), coral trouts (ang gao), stingrays, sharks, GTs, baby boon nang and all sorts of things from the sea that their supplier would find. This made fishing less predictable and exciting I suppose so it made me fairly excited.

Three other things surprised me during my time fishing there.

1. The pond is a regular size and the pumps are positioned with care. This meant excellent distribution and current flow. When fishes are released, the fishes would spread around the pond evenly. Yes, in other words, you don't need to crowd around the net release area to get a fish. You can just cast about anywhere!

2. The fishes that we got and cooked were very tasty and had no fishy smell! Our group of kakis steamed the mangrove jack, ang chor and ngor soon. All were excellent eating and didn't have the "pond smell. Meat texture was also firm and excellent.

3. These people understood fishing. When you buy hours, there is an option of extending or retaining your hours. They also have a promise of the angler being able to get a minimum of one fish. If you don't you are free to fish until you get one. This is very important for newbies because newbies can really zero out sometimes! Good thinking Gills.

Anyway, this was my one and only catch there...
I even bled my own fish in my own icebox!
Two rods. 9pm to 5am.
Keen to try Gills? Head down to Gills at the below address:

11 Northshore Drive Singapore 828670, Marina Country Club.
Contact number: 9121 7577
24 hours operation

4hrs - S$60/-
6hrs - S$80/-
6am to 12nn (6hrs) - S$60/- (Promo)
6pm to 12mn (6hrs) - S$60/-
9pm to 6am (9hrs) - S$60/-
9pm to 12nn (15hrs) - S$100/- (Promo)


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