Monday, December 4, 2017

Southern Island Bottom and Pelagic Fishing in Singapore with Sam Law

This is just a short blog post that that those of you who want to go to Singapore southern island fishing or Tuas fishing can take note of this fishing charter captain Sam. Sam is capable of bringing you to the most scariest bottom fishing spots where monsters live in.

See this?

But on the other hand, he is also capable of bringing you for the pelagics on the light jig or aji. See this. Got tengerri some more!  

And most of the time, he doesn't leave us disappointed!

Here's the last two trips of 2017 round-up of our (and kakis) trips with Sam yielded good, quality fishes with quantity as well. Got picture got talk!


Give him a call at 91270087 to book his boat now. Don't say we bo jio. Note that he is chinese and malay speaking.

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